How to Get Started on Your Family Tree

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Are you ready to dig in your heels and start the #MyForever Family 30 day challenge? Each day is designed to strengthen your family bonds, appreciation for the Resurrection, or get you started in family history fun! Today we're starting with the basics:

You can't dig deeper into your history unless you know what you already have. Grab a pedigree chart and write down everything you know. Then head over to and plug it in. As you do so you may discover more family connections waiting for you. Not sure how Family Search works? Use this tutorial. Then head over to We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice in Christ and learn how to map out the pedigree of your spirit. You'll love her family craft.

 Looking for a beautiful way to display your family tree? Here are a couple of my favorites:

When you've completed today's challenge, snap a photo of it and share the challenge with others using the hashtag #MyForeverFamily.