How to Wrap Experiences to Go Under Your Christmas Tree

You all agree- this year you're ready to make it all about experiences for Christmas and not more toys. However, you still want to put something under the tree. Me too! How in the world do you wrap an experience into a neat little bow topped box? I showed you how to wrap time and even gave you ideas on how to make your stocking stuffers really count. How do you wrap a family vacation though? Isn't there a way to turn a toy into an experience? How can you wrap a class? Here are few more ideas to keep you thinking:


Family Travel

How do you wrap a vacation? Wrap something iconic from your destination under the tree with a simple note or turn it into a fun guessing game! Wrap this Road Trip Adventure in a Box kit to give your family the hint that you'll be traveling somewhere fun soon. They'll love the vacation idea plus activities to do as you get there. Worried about making your kids wait even longer before you go? I understand that but think of what else you are actually giving them- the gift of patience- waiting for something and not getting instant gratification. It's an amazing bonus gift. When you finally do go, think about how much more they'll appreciate it! 

Discover 6 more fun ways to wrap Family Vacations. 


Outings with Your Honey

Planning a special night or weekend away with your honey? Wrap this Babysitter in a Bag Kit to let him know with a little note about where you're going or at least a fun clue. Being prepared to get out of the house is half the battle! Plus your kids will love the fun activities included. They'll help you get out the door. Never know what to do for date night? Let your honey know you're ready to make that change with this Year of Dates Binder. 12 ideas all ready to go. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

Zoo or Museum Memberships

A yearlong membership to your local zoo or museum is one of the best gifts you can give. If you bought a zoo pass, consider putting a little stuff animal under the tree for each of your children with a tag that says, "Can't wait for you to come visit me!" Avoid buying anything new by gathering up the stuffed animals already in your house and making a fun display of a mini zoo around your Christmas tree. If you bought a membership to the Natural History Museum, wrap up this Dinosaur Casting Kit or The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Creatures and start learning together! Or make it even more fun by hiding homemade dinosaur bones in your Christmas tree (paper ones works great). Find all the bones and put them together with a message about your fun gift.

Brick'em Young Temples

Transform a toy you know your children will like into a whole experience. Enjoy putting your Brick'em Young Temple together as a family. Give everyone a specific task and watch as it comes together faster together than if you did it on your own. Note how it's important for everyone to do their part. Talk about how you felt as you finished your section. Now before you put the last roof piece on, write some family goals you have for the new year on slips of paper. These are goals that as a family you will accomplish because you know families are forever. Then slip them inside the temple and close it off. At General Conference time, take the temple apart again and read the goals. Adjust as you need or make new goals then put it together again as a family. Continue doing this every 6 months and you'll have fun building the temple each time and cement in the importance of building a strong family. 

Or spend several Family Home Evening nights talking about temples. How temples are built, why we go to the temple, the promises made, and how our bodies are like temples. Use the temple you built as a family for the visual each time. Take pieces apart, put it back together- make it an active part of each lesson. After a month of temple FHEs pick a day where you all can go to the temple together as a family. Bring a picnic lunch and eat on the lawn. Walk around. Take pictures. Print a photo out of your outing and put it with your Brick'em Young Temple. Display them together somewhere prominent in your house. Make a point to go back to the temple as you can and updating that family photo. If you have children old enough to go, this gift will be extra meaningful.


Are you giving your children swim lessons or one of the online courses at Craftsy? Buy some swimming goggles or a great beach towel and wrap it with a note that says something like, "Proud new owner of 1 month of swimming classes." If you already have the goggles or towel, it's okay to wrap the old up with the new surprise. You don't need to buy both new things and new experiences. If you bought a cake decorating class at Craftsy, include a rubber spatula or something else she'll need for the class with a note like, "Let's get decorating! Redeem for 1 Cake Decorating Class." Again, it doesn't have to be a new one. You're simply wrapping the experience. 


Remember the moments from the past year and keep the memories for next. Chatbooks makes it really easy to make photo books from the ones you already share on social media. I love how easy Chatbooks makes it to put those memories together. Order when you're ready or have them automatically come after you post so many photos. Try a Chatbook for free with code cmlgi324. Put your memory book under the tree and take a moment to appreciate the past before you move on with the future. Put the new ones on your coffee table each month and let your family enjoy all the memories you'll be creating this year.

As you begin to do your experiences, remind your family that this is part of their Christmas present. Grandparents have given us the gift of playing on a volleyball team in the past. When the children have their first practice, we  remind them it's possible because of Grandma and Grandpa's Christmas present. Then we have them pose for photo and send a Thank You card again to Grandma and Grandpa. We take videos when we can and send them as well. It's a great way to practice the habit of gratitude and for the giver to see the joy and progress that it brought. It's definitely more satisfying than the toy that got broken a few weeks later.