The LDS Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

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It's Christmas time! I love how everyone comes together doing acts of kindness and generosity this month. And while I truly believe that your children need this more than anything else, there are still stockings to fill! Do you know what you'll be giving your family in their stockings? I've gathered a collection of LDS things that will not only fill up your stockings but provide more opportunities to talk about gospel, experience life, and have little reminders to be your best. With 25 different items, you'll find something for everyone's stocking:


1. Scripture Markers

Using the right kind of scripture markers will help determine if you enjoy marking your scriptures or if you'll carefully maybe underline something. Put some extra scripture markers in your family's stockings to further encourage the habit of individual scripture study. Schedule time later in the week or use a Family Home Evening to show your younger ones how they work or how to set up a color key. Better yet, make a key for your family scripture study as well.

2. Scripture Character Figurines!

Put a couple of these scripture characters in your family's stockings. They are so much fun! One year my Mom decorated our Christmas tree with these figurines then gave them to us for our present. It was one of the coolest things I remember from my childhood. Now my kids play with the figurines and want more! It is such a great way to bring to the scriptures to life! at home and if you teach Primary. Use these figurines during Family Home Evening or family scripture study to help illustrate points. You can also challenge your children to learn about the character they received plus one story then have everyone share during dinner! 

3. Bracelets for Everyone

Get a Temple Clip Bracelet or the Young Women Jeweled Cuff is a beautiful way to subtlety remember the Young Women Values each day. I like how each of these is neat on their own but when you dig a little deeper and focus on their meaning, they become really meaningful.

4. Create an Ornament Legacy

Give your children an ornament a year so when they get married they actually have ornaments to put on the tree. Even better, make the ornaments meaningful. The beautiful Christus ornament is a great way to bring the focus back on the Savior or get an ornament of your nearby temple. Did you take a family trip this year? See if you can get an ornament that reminds you of the good times you've had. Looking for something a little more homemade? Lala Lee Lou Designs has these great CTR  that you can add to your own unique ornament.

5. Mini Puzzles

These mini puzzles are the perfect size for a stocking. Gather everyone around the table later in the day and put together each of your new puzzles. Then spend time talking about the scenes in each one. After you open up all the gifts, it's a great way to refocus your day on the reason you're celebrating. Make it extra special by putting the puzzles together before you give them and writing a special note on the back of the pieces. Then break it up and put it back in the box. When they put it together it'll be an extra special surprise. 

6. Keychains

Did you go on a pioneer trek this year? The Called to Serve Multi Tool Keychain is sure to come in handy for any future and current missionary. Add them on to backpacks, a new driver's keyring, or use them as purse charms. Try to get a keychain that represents your family's motto for this past year or nexts. 

7. Temple Recommend Holders

Isn't it great that anyone over 12 can really use a temple recommend holder now? The baptistries are open more than ever before and it's wonderful. Slip one of these fun temple recommend holders into your family's stocking. Pick one that has a deeper meaning for each individual. For example, I love the Salt Lake Temple Door handles one not only for it's symbolism but also for our family history ties to it. I could give it to one of my sons as a reminder to follow his ancestor's faithful footsteps. Pick one that will mean something to your child or spouse and put a little note inside of it.

8. Ties!

Let's face it, ties are always needed. My boys go through them like crazy. Buy some of these subtle LDS ones or a new temple tie for your husband. Take it one step further and sign your teenage son up to get a quality tie every month this next year and he'll have excellent ties to take on his mission as well.

9. Tie Bars

Remember to include a tie bar as well! There is everything from a subtle CTR one to a more notable Gold Plates one. I like the this antique silver Angel Moroni tie bar. 

10. CTR Rings

There are so many fun CTR rings these days it's hard to choose just one! My children really like the soft and adjustable ones like the pink owl one above. And I'll be honest, I really want that vineyard one, it's beautiful. These rings are a great way to remind your children that the choices they make today will determine their destiny so make it a good one. Be careful though, put these rings around the candy canes or they may go completely unnoticed inside a big Christmas stocking.

11. Scripture Stickers

Scripture stickers are such a great way to reinforce the stories. Your children will love putting in them in their scriptures. When they are looking for a particular story, it's that much easier to find.  If you can, spend some one on one time with child as you put a couple of these stickers in. Share your testimony and why you love that story.  

12. Oil Vials

Continue to support the Priesthood in your home with this gift of keychain oil vials. Is your son still new to giving Priesthood blessings? This one comes with engraved helps! The beautiful Bethlehem Olive Wood Oil Vial would make a wonderful addition as well. As your son or husband adds this to his keychain, take the opportunity to share your testimony and gratitude of the Priesthood.

13. Tithing and Mission Banks

Encourage your children to start saving and paying tithing now with these easy to use tithing banks. They come with 3 slots- one for tithing, one for saving, and one for spending. It's a great way to talk about budgeting and how to be wise stewards. Add a few coins inside for some extra fun. Plan a Family Home Evening in the next couple weeks to go over how to budget wisely or what tithing is and what the money goes to.

14. Cufflinks

Cufflinks need to make a bigger comeback. They add so much refinement to an outfit. Dress the men in your life up well with these Salt Lake Temple Doorknob Cufflinks or some of the others the LDS Bookstore has for you. 

15. Missionary Figurines

Start the habit of missionary skills now with these missionary figurines. Let your children play with them or use them in a weekly family challenge. Each person that opened their mouth to share the gospel that week gets to put the figurine on their bedroom dresser or some other coveted spot! It's a great way to encourage everyday missionary work. Combine this gift with our Preach My Gospel Study Journal and your family with be natural member missionaries in no time.

16. Piano Music

Every missionary should know how to play the piano. Start the skill with the Easy to Play Hymns piano book or continue to encourage the love with the Piano Guys song books. Then sit back and enjoy the gift of music throughout the year. 

17. Real Hero Posters

Remind your family about some real heros. I love the Nephi and Mary ones. Put a different poster in each person's stocking and challenge each person to do a FHE lesson on the hero next year. Or get the whole set and put a different one up somewhere in your house each month. Learn more about these heroes so your family has someone to look up to when they struggle.

18. Chapstick

You could go to any store and buy chapstick OR you can jazz it up a bit and give this Stripling Warriors: Momma's Boy chapstick. Such a fun way to remember the story each time your family member uses it. 

19. Temple Clothes

Whether your husband needs a new white belt or you need some new knee high stockings; Christmas is the perfect time to give yourselves these gifts. As you add more of the temple into your Christmas celebrations, something changes. Try it.

20. Necklaces and Pocket Watches

Give a beautiful Temple Blossom Necklace, an owl watch necklace, or this CTR slap wrist watch. These are great constant visual reminders and make missionary work a little easier as people compliment you on them.

21. LDS Coloring Books

There are some beautiful LDS coloring pages that make great gifts for a lot of ages. I love digital ones because I can print them over and over again making them great for church and General Conference weekends too. Want to try it a little different? Cut up a coloring page into puzzle pieces and hide it around your children's rooms Christmas morning. Leave a note with the challenge to find all the pieces and put it together. Add these fun Crayola Glitter Markers with a puzzle piece and enjoy some extra sleep while your children still have fun Christmas morning!

22. Earrings

Don't you love the stain glass in the Nauvoo Temple? Bring some of it's beauty in your life with these earrings. Give your daughter these subtle CTR hoop earrings as another encouragement to make the best choices. 

23. Future Missionary Name Tag

Encourage the fun of being a missionary with these Future Missionary Name Clips. Remember them for the next ward Halloween party or wear them during your family scripture study of Preach My Gospel. If you teach Junior Primary, buy a couple of extras for your class next year. They'll go great with a couple of your lessons. 

24. Talks on CD

CD's aren't dead yet! Get this John Bytheway 15 Year Anniversary Boxed Set or try some newer favorites like Hank Smith or Eric Richards. Listen to them on a Sunday afternoon, in the mornings on the way to school, or on your next road trip. They are sure to bring a new perspective to gospel principles and the way you'll apply them in your life.

25. Daily Inspirations

Give the gift of inspiration with this daily calendar. It's full of beautiful photos and powerful quotes and it a gift that lasts all year!

Your Turn- What do you like to give in your family's Christmas stockings? How do you stretch what you give?