#LIGHTtheWORLD with Compliments

The wonderful thing about service is it doesn't have to be a big production in order to be meaningful. All types of service are needed and appreciated. Don't you love it when someone hurries to hold the door for you because they see that your arms are overflowing already? Doesn't it feel nice when someone thanks you for your lesson? 


Help #LIGHTtheWORLD by giving sincere compliments to people you know. It doesn't take a lot of time but the words can have a lasting impact. To help you spread a little cheer, I've made 6 compliment cards to get you thinking plus 6 empty decorative cards for your own compliments. Whichever way you choose, be sure to include a personal note about why you mean what you are saying. Often people won't believe you mean it unless you give them proof.  

Need a little more than a compliment? Try one of these free Sticky Note Pick Me Up Scriptures instead. 

A few places you may want to leave your compliment notes:

  • On your children's beds (make their beds too for bonus service)
  • In your spouse's scriptures
  • On your roommate's mirror
  • On your friend's windshield
  • Inside a school notebook or desk
  • In the hands of one of your church class members
  • In your spouse's purse or wallet

Print out all 12 compliment cards

If you are following along Mormon.org's advent calendar, these compliment cards work with Days 9, 13, 16, 23, and 24. Take the compliment challenge a step further and make a goal to give your spouse a compliment every day this next year. The Dating Divas make it easy with 365 Love Text Messages that you can easily personalize.