How You Can Start Making Every Moment Count

If you haven't been to The Mormon Channel lately you are missing all kinds of great inspiration for your day. Here's just a sample of the some of things you will find. 

Sometimes life moves faster than a high-speed car chase. You’ve got daily to-do lists, will-do lists and should-do lists. You’re always on the go; always trying to finish this thing so you can start the next thing on your list. You’re trying to make more money so you can have more things, trying to keep on schedule and trying to keep your house, kids and everything in your life perfect.


If this is you, then you’ve bought into Satan’s perfect lie. He makes you think that if you work hard enough and if you’re disciplined enough then you can make it to this “promise land”, this life without failure or flaws. But like with any lie, his perfect life continually gets bigger and becomes more demanding and time-consuming—and full of even more checklists and expectations of achieving perfection. 

But if you create a long list of things you absolutely have to get done every day to feel successful, you’ll never feel successful. That’s what Tiffany did, and every night she did, she went to bed feeling like a failure. She tried to chase perfection, and it made her exhausted, broken and unhealthy, and ultimately it became too heavy and impossible for her to carry.

It’s easy to get caught up in the crazy tornado of to-do’s swirling around you. But when you do, you forget to be grateful. And that lack of gratitude can put you in a continuous cycle of dissatisfaction. You’ll constantly look for what your life lacks.

You see what you pay attention to. So if you’re fixated on negative things like not getting all the laundry folded and put away or getting a flat tire on your way to work, then all you’ll ever see is the negative.

Yes, negative things happen. Yes, you’re not always going to get everything done today that you’ve written down that you should do. But, rather than go through life as a Negative Nancy (or Ned), choose to be positive. Choose to see all the good God has blessed you with and appreciate what you have, like that your neighbor was able to come fix your flat tire and that sometimes what’s really important isn’t on a to-do list. 

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf once said, “There is more to … the Church (and more to life) than simply checking items off an assigned to-do list.” And he’s right.

Too often we forget to stop and look around and appreciate everything we already have. We get so busy trying to check everything off our page-long checklists that we forget to tell God how grateful we are for every moment, every small and big blessing He’s given us.

So when life gets hectic and you start feeling overwhelmed or like a failure, stop what you’re doing and refocus on what really matters—the people and other things in life you’re grateful for. 

I challenge you to chuck your daily to-do checklist, and instead, start writing down a new kind of list—a gratitude list. Write down the good you’ve seen or experienced throughout the day. Write down the relationships, talents, good health, your home and whatever else brings you comfort that you’re grateful for.

A thankful heart lets you see God in the details of your life. Gratitude also makes people happier, improves physical and psychological health, reduces stress, improves self-esteem and strengthens relationships. It shifts your focus from what your life lacks, to what’s already richly present. 

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If you really want to make every moment count, stop to notice life’s simple pleasures, count your daily blessings and then express gratitude to God, the one who’s made every blessing and moment possible.

Your Turn- What helps you enjoy each moment?