New Testament Fun! Games for Your Family

Who is ready to have some fun while studying the New Testament? Playing games while learning is one of the most effective ways to remember things and it gets the whole family having fun together. Those are memories worth creating! Print these New Testament cards and start learning and playing!


I didn’t give an official game name to these New Testament cards because there are so many great ways to play! Here are few ideas to get you started:

  • Headbanz style- If you own the game, break out the headbands and get playing! Don’t own Headbanz? Stick one of the cards on your back instead and start asking each other questions to figure out what it is. Remember, you can only ask Yes or No questions to figure out which card you have (although I totally give clues to the younger ones). It’s a great game to play as you wait for the whole family to assemble.

  • Pictionary is a great game for family nights and Sunday fun. One person picks a card and draws on the board while everyone else tries to guess it. You can divide into teams or just play where whoever guesses it gets to draw next.

  • Grab Bag- Put all the cards in a bag. One person at a time picks out a card from the bag. They must tell one New Testament story that card goes with that card. Play with points or until all the cards are gone. If they can’t think of a story, it goes back in the bag.

  • Matching- Print two copies instead and play a matching game.

  • Go on a Hunt- Hide the pictures inside Easter eggs around your house. See who can find the most! Then briefly go over each card. Or get really creative and make it a scavenger hunt. You can write the clues on the back of each card.

  • What am I? One person picks a card and describes it without giving away any big clues. The person that guesses correctly first gets to keep it. First person to collect four cards, wins.

  • Apples to Apples style- Head to the Come, Follow Me New Testament manual and use the subheadings as category cards. The judge tells everyone the category then everyone plays the card they think matches that category the best. The judge then picks their favorite answer. First person to three points wins. For example, in the lesson for January 14-20 in the Individuals and Families manual, one of the subheadings is “Jesus Christ was born in humble circumstances.” I could play a sheep, camel, manger, Mary, etc. Then the judge would have to pick his favorite one.

  • Quiet Book- Grab a dollar store photo album and put these cards inside with other images from or church magazines. Insta quiet book for sacrament meeting!

Thought of another way to use these cards? Share it in the comments below and help keep the fun going!

The possibilities are endless! I even included some blank cards so you can draw your own answers. Get your family or group to draw a card that relates to the lesson of the week then use them as a review and a tool for more teaching moments!