50+ Neighbor Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. when you actually have everything done and can enjoy the season. Start crossing your neighbors, teachers, friends, ministering people off your list with these 50+ great Christmas gift ideas. You’ll find something for everyone on your list and the best news is there is a HUGE free printable pack of tags at the very bottom of this post as my Christmas gift to you. Merry Christmas!


Some of the following ideas and tags come from other great creative bloggers. The rest of the tags will be found in my free printable pack at the bottom. These 50+ Christmas gift ideas are divided into four categories: Helpful Gifts, Service Gift Ideas, Religious Tie-ins, and Easy and Done ideas. Let’s be honest though, most of these gifts are easy and done type of gifts. Let’s not complicate life, right? Cross off even more on your list now so you can enjoy your Christmas season.

Helpful Gifts

Don’t you love getting a gift that totally saves the day? These are little things but it means you don’t have to go back out to store and during Christmas, that’s awesome. Here are a few of my favorite helpful gift ideas that are also super easy to put together (win-win):

  • Scotch tape! People like to pick out their own wrapping paper but they can always use tape! Add some ribbons or a wrapping paper cutter (I love mine) for some extra flare (free tag included in my printable pack at the bottom of this post). Or make it completely funny with a roll of duct tape instead.

  • Paper plates, napkins, cups, plastic utensils- Whatever combination you want to use as long as there are some plates. Some days you just need a break from dishes so why not help a friend out. Print out your free tag to go along with them (and one for tissues too).

  • Dinner! How great would it be to come home after a long, hard day only to find someone has left you dinner! You can provide a store bought frozen meal, a gift card to a fast food place or restaurant, or even make a whole meal yourself. Get free tags to go along with all the dishes or download a simple tag for any meal in my free printable kit at the bottom.

  • Batteries! Isn’t it the worst when you get a new toy only to not have the batteries to go with it? Okay, maybe being the parent of the child with the toy without batteries is worse. I love this free tag to go with some batteries from Fun Squared.

  • An extension cord! Aren’t we always looking for more of these come Christmas time? Make someone’s life easier by giving them a new one. Attach the tag included in my printable pack below.

  • Clorox wipes (or baby wipes)! Attach my tag and boom, you’re done. There are million things that need cleaning and hands to be wiped especially at Christmas.

  • Paper towels! Help with the cleaning and add a great tie in to the meaning of the season. Get your free printable tag from Crafts ReDesigned.

Acts of Service Gifts

You can do these two ways: 1) Do the act of service and leave a card saying Merry Christmas or 2) Leave a coupon card with the act of service you are willing to do. Either way, my coupon card included in the free printable pack at the bottom of this post has you covered. Here are some service ideas you can do for your friends and neighbors:

  • Snow shoveling or leaf raking for a week, a month, or the whole season.

  • Babysitting- offer so they can wrap presents, go shopping, go on a date, head to the temple, or just in general. Any type of babysitting is always appreciated.

  • Dinner and a movie at your house- It’s so nice to have a night out at someone else’s house. They don’t have to plan a thing and you both get to enjoy time together.

  • Treats as needed x times- Is there a dish that you make that your friends envy? Offer to make that treat for them as needed so many times. You might want to add that you need 24 hours notice but it’s great because they can redeem it any time of the year.

  • Caroling- Bundle up and go caroling. I love the tradition that How Does She has when it comes to caroling. Instead of giving each other gifts, they gather their money and donate it to a good cause. Read how she includes caroling with it to make it so fun!

  • Pull weeds- We all have them so why not pull your neighbors. They might not be able to redeem this until the spring but that helps you keep the Christmas giving spirit even longer.

  • Mow their lawn

  • Wrap their gifts- Some people hate gift wrapping so offer to do your friends.

  • Stash their surprises- If you know they have extra curious people in their house, offer your home as a place to stash their presents. Just remember to plan a time for them to pick everything up too.

  • 12 days of Christmas- Each day you can do a different act of service or try one of these 12 days of Christmas fun (with free tags)!

Religious Gift Ideas

If you prefer to keep your gifts more Christ focused, these ideas are a great way to do that!

  • Latter-day Saint Shout Out! It’s a fast pace game that gets everyone playing. Each card has a latter-day saint category with 10 key words to guess. Add my free shout gift tag to top it off.

  • Latter-day Saint Pictionary- Keeping the fun of Pictionary with latter-day saint themed cards. Print as many as you want to give, put them in a bag, and attach the free tag included in the printable pack at the bottom of this post. This tag also works well with LDS Mystery Words and other guessing games.

  • Give them the gift of reading about Jesus Christ with my 12 Days of the Living Christ advent. Each day they can read aloud the part of The Living Christ or challenge them to memorize it.

  • Encourage your friends to #LighttheWorld with you. You can give them the straw in a manger challenge or use of My Computer Is My Canvas’ free light the world printables. There are even some Merry and Bright gift tags included in my pack to help spread the message. Add the challenge calendar, some glow sticks or a mini flashlight, and my gift tags included in the printable pack (Note: the new #LIGHTtheWORLD calendar will be based on 4 weeks and will be released closer to December).

  • A poinsettia with a reminder of why it is associated with Christmas. I love the free tag and extra ways to spice it up available at Thirty Handmade Days.

  • Put some M&M’s in a jar (or just grab a bag) and attach this M&M Christmas poem from U Create. It’s a great reminder of all things really Christmas.

  • Chocolate nuggets are one of my favorite gifts because they are so simple to make but look so great! Try out my Christmas Nativity Gift Set that even includes a countdown poster and scripture study page.

  • Remember the reason for the season with a free cute printable tag from Marci Coombs and a bag of Dove chocolates.

  • Hand out some soaps, gloves, or anything else hand related with this great gift tag from Life’s Journey to Perfection. It’s a great reminder that we can be His hands.

  • Pretzel rods- either grab a whole bag or dip the pretzel rods in chocolate and other yummy things. Attach the Hold to the Rod tag and tie it into Lehi’s dream.

  • Share some “piece” on earth with a puzzle and my gift tag included in the printable pack below. I recommend puzzles by Ravensburger or Springbok if you are looking for a puzzle with sturdy pieces to give. This Dickens’ Village Christmas puzzle is one of my favorites to do every year.

  • How about some cookie making fun with a Mystery Ingredient Recipe from Play Party Plan? You provide the ingredients but they have to figure out how to assemble it with the use of the scriptures. So fun!

  • If you really want to make a lot of Christmas gifts fast, this lifesaver idea from Live Like You Are Rich is a great option and it ties back into being grateful for our ultimate Life Saver.

  • Looking for another non food idea? A towel is a great option (we can always use another one). You can use whatever kind of kitchen or hand towel you want, just attach this story (from Darling Doodles Design) to make it a great Christmas gift.

  • Post-its! You all know how much I love a pack of sticky notes. They come in handy at home and when you are leading a discussion at church. Take a few minutes to write on the first page before your wrap it up. You can include specific reasons you are grateful for that person as well as leave your testimony. Two great gifts in one! Use Christmas themed sticky notes or buy a bunch of regular ones in bulk to easily divide up among friends.

  • Christmas book- There are so many great books you can give including ones that are focused around Jesus Christ like “The Gift Giver.” Easily make this book gift giving into a holiday tradition with this idea. 

  • Pick up some 7-up at the store next time you are out and add my free printable card for an easy to give gift. The tag includes 7-uplifting scriptures to share with your friends. There are two versions included in my printable pack- one with only Bible scriptures and one with scriptures throughout the Latter-day saint standard works.

  • Christmas gift baskets are so much fun especially when you can tie them back into the reason we celebrate Christmas. I love this Nativity version at My Computer Is My Canvas but she has so many you really can’t go wrong.

  • Away in a Manager or a mango. Grab fresh mangoes or dried and add the tag.

Remember! You can always add a Book of Mormon, Nativity DVD, pass along card, or other other religious memento to any gift too!

More Easy and Done

For when life is crazy and you really want a gift that is easy to assemble but meaningful to give. These are easy gifts that you buy the item and stick on the tag. No need to make things more complicated, right?

  • Like a box of HoHos? They make a great gift when you attach my free Ho, Ho, Ho gift tag included in the printable pack at the bottom of this post.

  • Let is snow! You’ll love the idea from Tatertots and Jell-o that includes powdered donuts and a little smile.

  • Root Deer Floats! This idea from Thirty Handmade Days is so much fun! Give a kit with instructions on how to build your own root deer float.

  • More ideas and gift tags from The Dating Divas make it easy to assemble and provide a variety of gifts.

  • Mason Jars! You really can put anything inside a jar- money, kisses, cookie ingredients, ribbons, words of kindness; you name it, it can be done. Add one of my circle toppers to the top of the lid and you have a festive gift ready to go. You can even write your own message or ingredients on top with my blank tag.

  • Bag or can of rolls- grab a tube of cinnamon rolls, a big bag of Costco rolls, or even some Hot Wheels. Attach my rolling by tag and you’re done!

  • Pineapple! It’s so nice to give some fruit for the holidays instead. It’s Always Autumn has a great free tag to pair with your pineapple.

  • Kisses (and hugs)- Add chocolate or candy cane kisses and hugs to a jar or mug with my printable tag. You could even make a kissing ball for this free tag.

  • Fill a bucket with whatever your heart desires- crayons, gift bows, candy treats, card games, etc. You can even get a big bucket and add a pocket pouch filled with all types of goodies. Add the buckets of fun tag to finish it off. Want to make your own game to put inside? Check out the game night idea from Today’s Fabulous Finds.

  • Get your Twizzler on! There are two great gift tags included for this one. One is specifically for Christmas Eve so even if you forgot until then it looks like it’s on purpose.

  • Give something warm like a fresh cup of hot chocolate or a whole box full of hot chocolate packets. Attach my warm tag and you’re done. Take it one step further and sew your own hand or toe warmers. These are so great when you are spending the day in the snow or when you want to warm up some little toes fast. All you have to do is a sew a cloth square pocket, fill it up with uncooked rice or wheat, and seal. They can heat it up in the microwave for a minute and it’s warm.

  • Jolly Ranchers- Yes, there is a tag for that too. Did you know they have gummy versions of the candy now?

  • You are all that and a bag of chips or at least that’s what you can pick up at the store with some nacho cheese ingredients. The jar of cheese is the easiest but you can also throw in a bag of shredded cheese and some seasonings. Add the nacho ordinary tag and boom- it’s done.

  • Give some extra dough to your friends with the cute printable topper from Happiness Is Homemade and some cookie dough. Pssttt… give them cookie dough they can eat raw. My favorite recipe is made with honey and found in Mrs. Fields Best Cookie Book Ever.

  • Spread some Christmas cheer with spreadable cheese and crackers, a rubber spatula, or anything else that is made for spreading (honey butter, cream cheese, etc). Free tag included in my printable pack at the bottom of this post.

  • Movie nights are always a great gift. You can attach a gift card or code to a bag of popcorn or other movie treats. Over the Big Moon has great free tags for this one.

  • Shake and pour pancakes are such a great idea! Skip to My Lou has a great recipe and it all goes inside a jar with a cute label.

  • A box of cereal can come in handy in all sorts of ways including making a great gift. You can even add some twine or yarn for your friends to make an easy Christmas garland. Free tag included in my pack.

  • Gingerbread House Kit. This one takes a little bit of extra work but it’s so cute that it’s worth it. The best part is the bag topper comes with assembly instructions! Print yours out from I Think We Could Be Friends.

  • Another great fruit gift idea comes from The Idea Room with her North Pole Produce printables. How cute is that?! Choose whatever fruit you have on hand or is in season in your neck of the woods. I love the stickers that you can add on.

  • Christmas music- Whether it’s sheets of music, a CD (some people still use those, right?), or a gift card to download their own music, attach my Sing Choirs of Angels tag to top it off.

  • One of my favorites to receive has been homemade Chex Mix (we love Muddy Buddies but we do ours with sunbutter). It’s easy to tie into Christmas with the free tag from Its Always Autumn.

For Everything Tags

Yes! There are normal Christmas tags included in my big old printable pack too. Add them to whatever gift you are planning on giving.

Normally a printable pack with this many quality gift tags would be a paid product. However, after much thought, I decided my Christmas gift to you this year would be free tags so we can all keep on giving. Merry Christmas!

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