Play LDS Scattergories for Family Night

Cross off this week's Family Home Evening activity and lesson now! LDS Scattergories provides tons of fun plus great teaching opportunities. This game gets more fun the older you are but 10 years old seems to be a good place to start. You need enough knowledge of the gospel and spelling in order to make this game work. You can easily tie in gospel topics such as pondering, keeping the commandments, choosing the right, or how important gaining knowledge in this life is. For this FHE lesson, however, let's focus on having a love for the gospel.


Love for the Gospel

In order to have a love for the gospel, we have to know it! Take a few minutes and ask your family what they know about the gospel. You can hand out heart post-its and let everyone write a few things down and stick them to your wall or simply say your answers out loud. Then talk about ways you acquired that knowledge and how you can further develop it. Real scripture study will be top on your list as well as attending church with the right spirit, and listening to the Holy Ghost. Sometimes our testimony and knowledge of a gospel topic comes easily and other times it's a struggle- you really have to work for it. The question is, are you ready to put in the effort? Another great question to ask- how does your effort into seeking answers directly relate to the love you have for the gospel?

Great resources to prepare the right FHE lesson for your family

Share your testimony and love for the gospel at the end of your lesson and even leave time for others in your family to share their testimony- sharing testimony is another great way to attain a stronger testimony, knowledge, and love for the gospel!

Game Time!

Now test your knowledge of the gospel (and Latter-day Saint culture) with this fun game of LDS Scattergories. Scattergories is such a fun game! If you haven't played before, basically you have to write an answer to each question starting with the letter you draw. In my LDS version you will discover 6 different category cards, answer sheets, and letters you can draw from if you don't have an alphabet dice. You will also find blank category cards to add your own brilliant ideas. If you want to keep the fun going, have everyone make their own category card as part of your FHE activity or lesson.

This game would also be a lot of fun for Activity Days and Young Women's, or Young Men's activity nights, and even an at home date night. 

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