Singing Time Fun for Family Home Evening

It's time for Family Home Evening again! Why not try some singing fun with your family this week. Whether it's a little extra time spent on your opening songs or a whole FHE devoted to singing, try some of these fun ideas.


Family Home Evening is made for my favorite type of activities- edutainment or fun plus learning. Songs are excellent way to do just that. Every FHE you have the opportunity to sing two songs- one for the opening, one for closing. Each month, my family picks two songs to sing all month long so we learn the words and melody better. However, that can definitely get old after awhile so we incorporate these fun Singing Signs. You don't have to stick to the same two songs to use these though- they are fun any time.

The chorister gets to use the signs as you sing each week making it a great test of how well you know the songs and a ton of fun. Included in my Singing Signs are: 

  • Boys only
  • Girls only
  • Parents only
  • Children only
  • Stop (as in only hum the words)
  • Go (as in back to normal singing)

They are all black and white so print them off on some colored paper for extra fun then laminate and staple popsicle sticks on. Combine these Singing Signs with my Singing Cards for a whole Family Home Evening full of singing fun (or to get rid of the moans when it is time to sing). 

Get to know the music in the Hymnbook or Children's Songbook better with these cards. Cut them out and throw them into a bowl or really have fun with this punch game version. Have someone ready to play a musical accompaniment or use the LDS Media App then draw a card and pick a song. Turn it into a lesson by studying the scriptures that go with each song, learning about the history of hymns, or study D&C 25 (especially verse 12). 

More FHE Singing Time Fun ideas

  • Have a Family Karaoke Night! You can hook up this microphone to the LDS Media App and have a blast! Make a playlist beforehand to save you time.
  • Play Sing or Dare.
  • Grab a parachute to sing and play! Here are some great game ideas. 
  • Play Finish the Verse. Say the words to a song but leave out a line- can they figure out the answer? You can play where they get points for each correct answer but if they get an answer wrong, they lose all their points. Do they want to try another one or stop?
  • Get out your musical instruments and go to town with a family jam session. Don't have any instruments? Pour some beans in a paper cup, place tissue paper on top and secure with a rubber band. You can also cut a hole in the middle of a paper plate, slide some rubber bands around the entire plate so the go over the hole, and strum away. Or if you plan on doing this again, try this great starter set.
  • Get really into the song fun with your own baton. Buy a dowel and screw eye at your local craft store plus. Screw the eye into one end of the dowel then grab some curling ribbon to tie on the circle and curl. Now you have an amazing baton to use at every FHE.