Have a Pioneer Family Fun Day!

This summer as you plan for fun filled days with your family, let me help you with all the work. Step back in time with your family and be a pioneer with the Be like a Pioneer Family Fun Day packet. 


Discover several planned for you activities to make long lasting memories for your family. You will discover instructions, ideas, and plenty of printables to help you have fun filled days! These activities will keep you busy for days and even work well for a ward Pioneer Party and other group activities. Cook bread over the fire, play Fox and Geese, make a tin lantern, go star gazing. There are even homemade ribbons for friendly competitions. Your Pioneer Family Fun Day packet is divided into 7 categories to make it easy to organize your fun (especially great for creating stations).

Play like a Pioneer

Bring back the fun of checkers, marbles, and other great pioneer games. Find 9 game card instructions plus printable supplies to help you start playing. Keep the game cards on a ring so you can pull them out and play any time. 

Craft like a Pioneer

From tin can lanterns to rag rugs, you will find all sorts of different crafts to do in this section. There is even a Be like a Pioneer cross stitch pattern included. Each craft comes with instructions as well as any printable supplies you may need like patterns or cut outs. 

Dance like a Pioneer

Have a family friendly dance competition! This packet includes reference links to video instructions as well as printable homemade ribbons for the winners.

Eat like a Pioneer

After all that fun, it's time to eat! If you can, cook some pioneer recipes over a fire. This section includes 4 recipe cards, a Pioneer Cafe menu, food labels, decorative toppers, napkin rings, water bottle labels, coloring pages, and more! 

Sleep like a Pioneer

Turn your family fun day into a sleepover! Put up a tent in the backyard and go star gazing with these constellation cards!

Build like a Pioneer

Keep up the fun with another great building contest. Break out the Lincoln Logs or other building blocks and get creative. This section includes additional ribbon labels to award the winners. 

Work like a Pioneer

It may be boring if it's your daily chore but when you get to work like a pioneer, it's nothing but fun! Use the chore chart and ideas to encourage these great skills.

There is so much fun to be had when pretending be a pioneer with my Be like a Pioneer Family Fun Packet. Now all you need to do is pick a day and start having fun! 

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