Spring Tools to Help You Minister to the One

Ahhh... Spring! The sight of daffodils and tulips peeking out of the ground, the smell of rain, and the hope of warmth! Celebrate spring with these new ministering helps from Neisha from Hang a Ribbon on a Moon! This collection of ministering tools is designed to celebrate the rebirth and joy of spring using seasonal, energetic colors and playful graphics. Share these printables to spark happiness, give encouragement, comfort, and inspire action.

The free download Neisha carefully crafted is really a sampling of her full Lively Blooms Ministering Pack, which you can purchase in her Etsy Shop: Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. This freebie includes four designs:

  • Thinking of You
  • Praying for You
  • With Love
  • You Are Important, Needed, Loved

Most exciting of all, ANIMATED text messages are included!! Here’s a sample of the animated text. So fun, right? 

How to Use the Lively Blooms Ministering Pack

There are so many fun ways to put this pack to use! Use them as you minister to neighbors, sisters, family, friends, and more.

  • Text or email an encouraging message

  • Attach a tag to a bouquet of flowers, a bar of chocolate or small gift

  • Mail a note card to an individual

  • Brainstorm ideas with your companion for serving together

Whether you are struggling making contact with someone, having a hard time coordinating schedules, or want to send a kind word use the free note cards to send a sweet note. Slip in a free junior frosty coupon, a bookmark, or other small and simple treat for a extra special touch.

Making a visit? Grab some flowers, their favorite treat, a jar of jam, a bundle of their favorite pens, or anything else you know they would appreciate. Attach one of the six free tags included in this free download and connect with your sisters.

Has she been on your mind today? Send a text to let her know! It’s sure to bring a smile to her face. The more we can connect to each other, the more we open up and can actually help one another out. Let the sisters you minister to know that you are truly there for them.

Want more? The full Lively Blooms Ministering Pack is loaded with lots of uplifting graphics to use as you serve. You’ll get:

  • 12 animated text messages (GIF)

  • 12 text messages (JPEG)

  • 12 printable notecards (PDF), use your own envelopes

  • 12 tags (PDF)

  • One ministering idea sheet (PDF)

From animated GIF and JPEG text messages to note cards and tags, you can connect with those you serve using these twelve inspiring messages:

  • Hang in There

  • Happy Birthday

  • Have a Great Day

  • You Are Important, Needed, Loved

  • Let’s Celebrate

  • Let’s Connect

  • Praying for You

  • Thank You Berry Much

  • Thinking of You

  • What’s Up?

  • With Love

  • You’ve Got This

Plus, there is an inspiring Ministering Idea List to help you brainstorm ways to minister physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially to those you are assigned.

Get the full Lively Blooms Ministering Pack in the Hang a Ribbon on the Moon Etsy shop.

Discover all the fun included in this free ministering pack download:

  • Four animated text messages (GIF)
  • Four text messages (JPEG)
  • Four printable notecards (PDF), use your own envelopes
  • Six tags (PDF)

You also get:

Like these designs? More Lively Blooms printables are in the works including a Party Pack, a Relief Society Editable Newsletter Pack, a Ministering Conference Event Pack, a Relief Society Presidency Ministering Pack and a Relief Society Admin Pack. Follow Neisha's Etsy shop, Hang a Ribbon on the Moon to receive notifications when they’re available.

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