Free Father's Day Candy Wrapper

What do you love about the dads in your life? Let them know you think they are sweet with my free Father’s Day candy bar wrapper! Whether it’s to the men of your church, your own great dad, or the one you happen to be married to, be sure you let them know how much you appreciate them.


This simple candy bar wrapper is based off the old saying, “For He’s a jolly good fellow!” It’s great for:

  • Grandpas

  • Fathers

  • Uncles

  • Brothers

  • Dads at your church

  • Neighbor

  • Teachers

And all those great men in your life that mean so much to you.

These wrappers work great with a regular sized candy bar such as:

  • Hershey’s

  • Reese’s

  • Twix

  • M&Ms

  • Skittles

All you need to do is cut, wrap, and tape. Buy your candy bars in bulk and have a candy wrapping party! You can split the cost among friends and have great conversation as you wrap.

Looking for more than just at candy bar? Check out my free Gentleman’s Father’s Day kit too!