The Cheater's Guide to Serving Your Family Breakfast in Bed

Are you a morning person? Me neither. I've tried...a lot and it's not me. However, my children always beg for breakfast in bed. They love the idea since they always give me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. Why can't they have some fun too, right? Because the thought of getting up even earlier and cooking breakfast to bring to them in bed (then cleaning it all up sheets and all) does NOT appeal to me in the slightest. Psssttt.... you can still serve them breakfast... here's the cheater's guide to breakfast in bed for your family.



  1. Buy your family's favorite Pop-Tarts (or other no assembly required breakfast).
  2. Print out the labels pictured below.
  3. Wrap the labels around the Pop-Tarts.
  4. Include a nice note on the back.
  5. Leave them in your children's (and your spouse's) bed before you go to bed!

How perfect is that?! It's the best of both of worlds! You can go at your pace and your family can enjoy breakfast in bed. Remember to put the  Pop-Tarts on a part of the bed that your family won't roll all over during the night- try the foot of the bed or on a nearby dresser. Your family will love this fun breakfast surprise- after all, they'll never suspect it! 

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