Will You Accept the #MyForeverFamily 30 Day Challenge?

With Easter on the horizon our thoughts are turned towards the Resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for us. Because our Savior was willing to sacrifice and endure, we have the opportunity to be resurrected ourselves. At Easter we don't only celebrate Christ's Resurrection, we celebrate all that that means for us now- all the blessings and hope that comes as a result. 

With those blessings is the opportunity to be with our families forever. "No sorrow will last forever"- what an amazing promise. This Easter celebrate the bonds in your family. Take the #MyForeverFamily challenge to grow closer to your family now, your family past, and your future family. Starting Saturday, February 27 through Easter, there is a suggested activity for you to do and we're going to help you accomplish it. 14 LDS bloggers have teamed together to provide amazing ideas, resources, and tips to help you meet the challenge and celebrate this Easter with your whole family. Also be sure to head over to Mormon.org to get their amazing resources to celebrate this Easter. One of the things we're both asking you to do is to take a photo of yourself with a photo of a relative you're looking forward to seeing again. Use the hashtags #Hallelujah and #MyForeverFamily when you share it.

Will you accept the #MyForeverFamily Challenge?

Start by sharing the challenge with your friends and family. You can copy the image below to share on social media. Then start scrolling the resources already waiting for you below.

Meet the Bloggers Ready to Help You

Each blogger will be sharing ideas, tips, and resources with you until Easter. Stay up to date with the latest posts by searching using the hashtag #MyForeverFamily or coming back to this page each week to find what each blogger has been sharing. Posts will be added as they are published. Questions? Leave them in the comments and we'll answer.

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