Valentine Tic Tac Toe Printable

I've loved this humorous take on Tic Tac Toe for years- a game, a treat, and a little laugh! This year, you can print these labels to give your LDS primary class, your special Valentine, your neighbors, or your schoolmates. 


I used Fruit Adventure Tic Tacs in the photo but if you keep your eye out you can find special Valentine's Day ones at this time of year. These Strawberry Fields ones though work well too and are cheaper in bulk. Grab your Tic Tacs, print your labels, cut, and paste. I used a simple glue stick to adhere mine to the box. Play the game with the different colored Tic Tacs or grab a marker and have fun.

If you like these, please pin it so others can find them too. Thanks!

The great part about these labels is it comes with three different backs so you can use these throughout the year, not simply on Valentine's Day. Be sure to print the page of labels you want. 

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