Love One Another Service Challenge (and free Printable)

February serves as a great reminder to express the love you feel all year round to your family, friends, and more! Show your love this year by accepting the  Love One Another Service Challenge!


It just so happens that Love One Another is 14 letters and Valentine's Day is on the 14th of February! Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to do one act of service for every letter. You can do one a day, a few on the weekends, or spend all of Valentine's Day during service. Find a way to express your love for others through service!

I made this beautiful Love One Another banner to help you keep track of the service you do. String the letters (or tape it on) but keep the hearts to add on later. After you do an act of service, add a heart to the banner! Even more fun- add the act of service you did on the back of the heart. Then on Valentine's Day read them all off and talk about how you felt doing them all. 

Service Ideas

If you have my Fill Your Christmas with Christ-like Service packet, pull it out and find 14 ways you want to serve this season. Need new ideas? Try one of these: