"Be It unto Me according to Thy Word" Matthew 1; Luke 1 (Jan 7-13)

This will be the first week you teach where your class should come having already read the material you will teach. However, short summaries and explanations can be very helpful before you dive into questions. Remember, this will be a learning process for all of us. Some weeks all your kids may be prepared while others only one will be.


Remember to focus on your class talking the majority of the time. Maybe it’s reading the key verses, maybe it’s acting the stories out, or maybe they want to share a moment where something really connected. Either way, give them a chance to share their testimonies as often as possible and be patient when they get use to this idea too!

Study Suggestions

These are great resources to study throughout the week as you prepare to teach.

Matthew 1-2 from the New Testament Study Guide for Home-Study Seminary Students

Matthew 1-4 from New Testament Student Manual

Matthew 1-5 from New Testament Seminary Teacher Manual

Matthew 1-4 from New Testament Institute Teacher Manual

Who Are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? from the Ensign

“Models to Follow” by President Thomas S. Monson

“Mary, the Mother of Jesus” by Gaye Strathearn (Ensign)

“Elisabeth” by Aspen Stander (Ensign)

"Using the Supernal Gift of Prayer" by Elder Richard G. Scott

"Sweet Power of Prayer" by Elder Russell M. Nelson



These are great to listen together in the car on the way to school. My whole family loves listening to the youth speaker ones especially. Remember, as a Deseret Bookshelf PLUS member, you can access these eBooks or audio books anytime. Find out more about Deseret Bookshelf PLUS.

"Mary and Elisabeth: Noble Daughters of God" by S. Kent Brown

"Mary and Joseph" by Robert Marcum (This is a novel based on the history. Obviously, not for real scriptural study but it would help to see things a little more from their eyes)

"In Mary's Arms: A Christmas Message for Mothers" by Mary Holland McCann


An Angel Foretells Christ’s Birth to Mary (about 4 minutes)- Bible video

Mary and Elisabeth Rejoice Together (about 5 minutes)- Bible video

Sealed Together: The Manaus Temple Caravan (about 14 minutes)- A group of Saints trek to the Sao Paulo Temple

Elisabeth and Zacharias (about 1 minute)- Illustrated scripture story

John the Baptist is Born (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Illustrated scripture story

A Mother’s Hope (about 3 minutes)- Story about Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s mother

Dare to Stand Alone (about 4 1/2 minutes)- Story from the life of President Thomas S. Monson

You're Never Alone (about 3 minutes)- Sister Dalton shares her story of prayer when she was running a marathon (They can act out the running while it's playing)

Including Me (about 2 minutes)- A little girl's prayer is answered when they are sealed together

Teaching Ideas

These are my ideas based off the manual to help you facilitate discussion and teach specific points.

  • Act out these scripture stories with a puppet show! Print out my bag puppet faces to easily assemble your own. You can also assign a different puppet to each person in your class and have them pretend to be that person for a part of the class. (make multiples of the same puppet if needed). For instance, you would ask Mary(s) “How did you feel when you saw an angel of the Lord?” Then discuss how you know that or where you can find that answer. If you can’t find it in the scriptures, have them explain why they think that’s how she would answer (Keep these puppets in your Primary bag and use them to review or tell other stories throughout the year).

  • Discuss how the Lord answers prayers using my Prayer Flip book. It goes over the story of Elisabeth and Zacharias as well as Nephi, Enos, and Joseph Smith and teaches about the reverent language we can use while we pray and how it should be a daily habit.

  • As you talk about the lineage of Jesus Christ, make your own family necklaces or neckties. There are four paper beads for your class to draw on: My Dad, My Mom, Me, and My Family. There are also strips of patterns. Use these for extra bead filler. Cut each pattern into smaller strips (or use your own patterned paper) then accordion fold them. Punch a hole in the middle and string them on.

  • Have a younger class? Use the free Please Bless Us and Thank Thee bag activity and printables included in my Primary 3 Lesson 19 handouts to discuss things we can pray about. There is also a version for the children to draw their own answers and keep track of a daily habit of prayer included in my Primary 3 Lesson 24 handouts.

  • Review some of the different names for Jesus Christ ending on the focus that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and why that is significant. There is a great easy free printable to use from A Lively Hope.

  • You may want to use the Mission Impossible folder activity included in this week’s Individual and Family lesson helps as well specifically focusing on these two stories.

  • Use my Luke 1:37 poster to help apply and memorize this verse. Cut out the “Shall Not” strips of paper and have your class write on them with things that are hard in their lives. Cover up the words “nothing shall” with your strips. You can do several strips like this so it ends up being like a flip book (staple on one side only). See an example of how I’ve done this activity with a different poster. You can also use your poster as puzzle or in one of these other fun ideas.

Activity Pages

Many of these resources are from LDS.org, however, some may be from other helpful bloggers.


Prayer- Mini coloring pages to identify different types of prayer- could make into a book or print two copies and play Memory.

Prayer is Reverent Communication Between God and Me- Story and Memory Game- try hiding the pieces throughout the room for the kids to find and match up on the board together instead.

Prayer Puzzle- (older kids) Story and Crossword puzzle 

We Do Not Doubt- Dot to Dot and coloring page

A Prayer to Heavenly Father- Illustrated story that can be turned into a booklet or try this one.

Heavenly Father Hears and Answers My Prayers- (older classes) Match the scripture characters to why they prayed and what happened.

How To Pray- A poster to remind how to pray

Did You Think to Pray- Prayer Chart Coloring Page

Prayer Reminders- 2 piece puzzles to match together

Choosing the Right Through Prayer and Study- Find your way through the maze

Time for Family Prayer- Get through the maze to make it to family prayer

Prayer of Thanks- Circle the things the matches 

Shhh....It's Time for Prayer- Make these puppets to remind everyone to be reverent during prayers

I Can Receive Answers to Prayers- Color these steps to receiving answers 

Heavenly Father Hears and Answers Prayers- (older classes) Make this chart to remember some things to include in your prayers.

The Power of Prayer- Board game 

Fasting and Prayer- Movable puppets to make


What Should I Know About Prayer?

Prayer Helps My Testimony Grow

Faith, Prayer, Forgiveness....


I Can Pray to Heavenly Father

I Can Pray to Heavenly Father and He Will Hear

I Should Respect and Worship God


David and Goliath- Coloring page that would also work well for showing how nothing is impossible

Jesus Calms the Tempest- Coloring page

Esther Pleads with the King- Coloring page

Be of Good Cheer and Do Not Fear- Bright idea poster- great to hang up or turn it into a puzzle.

Peace, Be Still- Bright idea poster

Be Strong and of a Good Courage- Bright idea poster

Looking for other themed activities on LDS.org? Try searching for activities by topics.