"Behold the Lamb of God" by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland Questions to Ponder

Looking for discussion ideas for “Behold the Lamb of God” by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland? Discover several volunteer submitted questions below for your study or church class.

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Thanks to LuAnn Flanagan and Linda Mangus for providing these great questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • If you were in the situation Adam and Eve found themselves in when they disobeyed Heavenly Father, do you honestly think you would have made the same decision as they did? Why? Why not?

  • Do you think the sacrificing of a little lamb was too easy? Why? How would you have made it more symbolic in your personal life?

  • How would you have felt if you were a disciple when the Savior introduced the sacrament? And would your feelings have caused any action on your part?

  • How do you recognize a “broken heart and a contrite spirit” in yourself? What steps do you personally take in order to develop these qualities?

  • What thoughts run through your mind as the sacrament is passed? How can you better center your thoughts on the Savior and His Atonement?

  • How can your dress and appearance help you in establishing respect for the Savior? Is your behavior in accordance with your dress and appearance? What things can be adjusted for a better outcome?

  • What are some things you do to assure that you will be to church on time, and if possible, a few minutes early? What benefits do you reap because you make the extra effort to be early and on time?

  • What preparations can you do to avoid an “ox in the mire” situation? Can that situation wait to be resolved until after you have attended Sacrament meeting?

  • What can we do as wards and branches to regain a quiet reverence in our chapels? How can each family contribute to the reverence? As leaders, what should we be teaching our people in order to make our Sacrament meeting more spiritual?

  • Would you behave as you currently do if the Savior were seen in our midst? Are there things you can do to enable you to feel His Spirit even though He does not stand in our building every Sunday?

  • What preparations do you perform during the week to prepare to make the hour for Sacrament meeting your most sacred hour of the week? Are there other things you could do to improve your ability to feel the Spirit more strongly? What are those things?

  • What can we do to prepare ourselves to be better at being the Savior’s hands here on earth? How do you feel about the Savior when you are serving His sheep?

  • What steps do you personally take to help you to “always remember Him”? Could more extensive scripture study, finishing the Come Follow Me lessons for the week, prayer, and temple attendance make it far easier for you? If so, why?

  • When I listen and study a talk I always write out keys words, phrases, topics, etc. This talk could easily have a lot of messages taught such as:

    • Faithfully living the commandments

    • The Lamb of God

    • Repentance

    • Transgressions

    • Atonement

    • Being Prepared

    • Reverence

    • Covenants

    • Ordinances

    • Sacramental prayers

    • Ministering

    • Lifting each other up

    • Increasing faith

    • Scripture Study

  • Are we too lax in our Sunday service worship? How can we bring the Spirit more into our homes on the Sabbath and carry it over into the Sacrament meeting? What do we need to do to make our sabbath worship more sacred? More reverent? If we are not keeping the sacrament service sacred will that make it harder for us to make and keep other sacred ordinances?

  • Why is the lamb a powerful representation for Christ? What are we willing to sacrifice for the Lamb?

  • What can we do to prepare more for the sabbath? Is there sacrifices that we need to make in order to be more prepared on Sunday?

  • How is the Sacrament an offering? What are we offering and getting in return? Why is the Sacrament the most sacred meeting that we have on the Sabbath?

  • What is our ox and mire? How do we sell or fill them? Is this a sacrifice that we are willing to make?

  • What is our Sunday best? Is it different for everyone? How is it different?

  • Why is there emphasis on things like noise level, showing up on time, being prepared? What should we be doing differently? Can we help others with these issues? How can we help?