"Come, Follow Me" by President Russell M. Nelson Questions to Ponder

Don’t you love listening to our prophet? In April 2019, the talk “Come, Follow Me” by President Russell M. Nelson was a great boost that many of us needed. Discuss questions to help you ponder this talk below.

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Thanks to Heather Perkins and Allison Marcroft for these great questions. We appreciate your service!

Questions to Ponder

  • What have you discovered recently as you implemented the Prophet's counsel to read the Book of Mormon daily?

  • How are you finding time/ways to feed your spirit and feast upon the words of Christ?

  • What are some ways to create and support better communication in our homes and relationships?

  • How can we create and recognize natural opportunities to discuss the things that matter most, such as covenants, obedience, faith, family, fidelity, love and eternal life?

  • What experiences have you had with being first responders in your ministering? What preparations did you put into place to enable that experience? How has that experience changed you?

  • When have you experienced pouring out your heart to God? What did that feel like? How did it differ from other prayers?

  • How can we increase opportunities for experiences with God for ourselves and our families?

  • In what ways does humility help us to feel the Lord's presence?

  • When you ask God how He feels about you, what does He say? How have these experiences changed your relationship with Him?

  • How can the Come, Follow Me curriculum be part of helping our families to accept the Savior's invitation to follow Him?

  • In what ways are you finding yourself distant from the Savior?

  • As you heard the Prophet plead with us to "do the spiritual work" and to "please, do it now"; what feelings/inspiration came to you?

  • How can the Come, Follow Me curriculum be part of helping our families to accept the Savior's invitation to follow Him and do spiritual work?

  • How are you accepting the Savior's invitation to "Come, Follow Me"? How is that changing things in your life/home?

  • Why should we follow the invitations and the challenges that the prophet gives us? What blessings (and miracles) can happen? Have you seen any blessings and miracles in your life when you followed an invitation or a challenge made by the prophet?

  • What are some of the ways that you are “feeding your spirit” like young Blake? What ways have you found to incorporate the new family-centered curriculum into your home? What ways would you like to change or improve it?

  • This year the prophet lost one of his children, and shared his thoughts with us. When looking back on our lives, what things matter most?

  • To whom is promised eternal life? How can the Atonement of Jesus Christ be for all people, good and bad?

  • What do you think it means when the prophet said, “Jesus the Christ has offered His mighty arm to help all who choose to follow Him?” How can we reach for Him?

  • Speaking of the Savior’s infinite Atonement, the prophet said, “Salvation is an individual matter, but exaltation is a family matter.” What do we need to do here to ensure that we can live together forever?

  • What things do we need to do, as individuals and families, to qualify for the privilege of being exalted together as a family? What things are we doing now? What things can we improve on?

  • Have you ever thought about the prophets in the scriptures? They have made the same covenants with God that we have made. How does it make you feel to think about the promises you’ve made to think that Adam, Eve, Noah and many others made them as well? How do they inspire you to keep your covenants? Does reading about their trials give you strength to persevere?

  • Can you think of anyone who has “declined His invitation” or who “ignores the pleadings of Jesus Christ”? How can we, as disciples of Christ, help our family, friends, ward members, or the people with whom we come in contact, help them recognize the love of God and the fullness of joy which can come from keeping our covenants?

  • President Nelson speaks of pouring out our hearts to God. Are you making time to study His words? Are you pouring out your heart? Are you willing to pay the price now to be exalted with your family later? If not, what can you do to change that?

  • Think about the friend of the prophet who refused to change on this earth even though he wanted to be reunited with his wife. When we are faced with having to change, how can we be brave enough to believe and keep the commandments and covenants? Are we willing to do hard things now so we can have all that He has in store for us?