"Behold the Man!" by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf Discussion Ideas

"Behold the Man!" by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf focuses on the blessings we have because Jesus Christ is in fact the Savior and Redeemer of the World. 


I really like the last part of his talk where he encourages us to "behold the man," turn to him when we feel lost or forgotten, in need of healing, and more. His question, "Do We 'Behold the Man'?" is a great question to focus your lesson.


  • What is it that makes Christ's Atonement and Resurrection the most important event in history?
  • How have you seen the miracle of the Atonement practiced in your life or in the lives of others you know?
  • The Atonement redeems us from sin, but on what conditions?
  • What does "behold the man" mean to you?
  • How do we partake of His atoning power in our everyday lives?
  • How can you show the Savior your gratitude for his atoning sacrifice?
  • How does a knowledge of the Resurrection help you find joy despite heartache?
  • What attributes do you think of when you consider the life and mission of Jesus Christ?
  • Why was Jesus Christ the only one who could atone for our sins?
  • How has your testimony of the Savior's Atonement changed your life?

Discussion Ideas

For Elder Uchtdorf the Church recommends, "How would we help someone understand that the atoning sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus Christ were the most important events in the world’s history? Invite members to ponder this question as they read portions of Elder Uchtdorf’s message. What do they find that would help explain why these events are so important to them? After this discussion, class members could talk about what it means to them to 'behold the man.' How have we learned to 'behold the man'?"

These are my ideas. My hope is that reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class. Remember you are leading a discussion, not teaching a lesson so you may only need one of these ideas.

  • Discuss the events surrounding Christ's Resurrection. You can use the Bible videos to help recount these events. Christ's Resurrection is a great video to use. You may also want to use the Because of Him Easter video. 
  • Brainstorm a list of those who have testified of the resurrected Christ. What do these testimonies mean to you? You can also show the video He Lives: Testimonies of Jesus Christ.
  • Discuss Pontias Pilate's role in Christ's crucifixion. What kind of man was Pilate?
  • Have a class member read 2 Nephi 25:26 (discover a free print of this verse). Discuss the action words in this scripture: talk, rejoice, preach, prophesy, and write. The scripture says we do these things regarding Christ for our children. How are you doing these things for your children?
  • Dive into more scriptures about the appearances of the Resurrected Christ with these free scripture cards. You can break into groups to discuss them and how they each strengthen our testimonies or allow us to "behold the man." Also consider giving them to those who can't attend your lesson (it's a great way to reach out to those you don't normally see in your class). 
  • Elder Uchtdorf says the most important day in our life is the day we "behold the man" and that day should recur over and over again in our lives. How do we do that?