"Prepare to Meet God" by Elder Quentin L. Cook Discussion Ideas

"Prepare to Meet God" by Elder Quentin L. Cook makes you stop and think about how we are doing in each of the categories Elder Cook lays out: Missionary Work, Temple and Family History Work, and our Preparations to Meet God. 


Is there a particular section your ward needs to focus on more than others? You can divide your lesson into the three categories or strictly focus on one. 


  • What are our divinely appointed responsibilities?
  • "Where do we stand today in fulfilling these divinely appointed responsibilities?"
  • How are we like the Kirtland temple?
  • How are we gathering Israel today? How can you help?
  • What have we been counseled to do to help perfect the saints- especially during this last General Conference?
  • How might we become complacent about temple and family history work? How can we overcome that?
  • How can you get more involved in family history work? 
  • How are you doing when it comes missionary work?
  • How are you doing in regards to temple and family history work?
  • How are you preparing to meet God?
  • What barriers do we need to break down?
  • How can we become more unified with each other as well as the Savior and His teachings?
  • How can we avoid cliques within our wards? 
  • How can we overcome racism in our ward?

Discussion Ideas

The Church recommends for Elder Cook's talk, "You could begin your discussion of Elder Cook’s message by inviting a member to summarize the restoration of priesthood keys in the Kirtland Temple. According to Elder Cook’s message, what responsibilities does the Church have that are related to these keys? How are these responsibilities manifest in the Church today? Write the words righteousness, unity, and equality on the board, and ask members to share insights they gain about each of these principles from Elder Cook’s message. How do these principles help us fulfill the Church’s sacred responsibilities?

These are my ideas. My hope is that reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class. Remember you are leading a discussion, not teaching a lesson so you may only need one of these ideas.

  • Divide your discussion into three key parts: 1) the gathering of Israel or missionary work 2) preparing for the kingdom of God, and 3) temple and family history work. How are we accomplishing these tasks? Where can we do better? How do we do these things? What resources are available to help us? Consider breaking into three groups to discuss each responsibility. 
  • Review Nephi's prophecy and how it is being fulfilled today. What else can we do?
  • Discuss the four steps toward healing the wounds of racism. Might we still hold on to some of these false beliefs? What can we do about it as a ward?
  • If our goal in life is to prepare to meet God again, what are some of the smaller goals we need to meet along the way? You can draw this on the board like a marathon race- along the way there are check in points and water stops, etc. 
  • As Elder Cook suggests, take a few minutes to do a self evaluation of how we are doing in each of the three divine responsibilities. There is room at the bottom to make specific goals for improvement.
  • How do we mistakenly get stuck into forming "tribes?" What can we do to include others more and avoid closing ourselves off? Discuss this in terms of forming cliques at Church but also racism and prejudices.
  • Consider doing your own version of the Step in the Square activity found on Better Than We Deserve.