"Cleansed by Repentance" by President Dallin H. Oaks Questions to Ponder

Repentance seems to always be one of the themes for General Conference. This session, President Dallin H. Oaks discusses it in his talk, “Cleansed by Repentance.”

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Thanks to Ashley Butcher for providing these questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • Will we sit at the Judgement of Jesus Christ or of God?

  • For those who were not taught on this earth will they have the opportunity to repent? Will we have a chance to repent for those sins that we didn’t repent for

  • When we have repented, been forgiven, and feel the spirit when will we finally forget our sins and remember them no more?

  • Did we choose our sins in Heaven before this life?

  • What doors do we need to open in order to feel the Atonement in our lives?

  • How are we teaching our posterity about true repentance?

  • What are the works of the righteous?

  • What is the difference between being sanctified and being forgiven?

  • How do we deny ourselves of all ungodliness?

  • What qualifies us to become perfect? Why do we feel like we have to be perfect?

  • What determines a mighty change of heart?