Questions to Ponder with "Answers to Prayers" by Elder Brook P. Hales

What did you learn about prayer from “Answers to Prayers” by Elder Brook P. Hales? Let these questions to ponder help you dive in deeper as you study and discuss this great talk.

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Thanks to Heather Perkins for these great questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • In what ways does knowing Heavenly Father "blesses us in perfect wisdom" strengthen your faith in prayer? How does it help you find meaningful ways to communicate with Him your needs and desires?

  • How are you actively seeking to recognize Heavenly Father's influence in your daily life?

  • What would a "constant stream of divine guidance" help you to do in your life and family? What would that feel/look/sound like?

  • Along with prayer and keeping the covenants you have made; how can you draw more divine guidance into your life?

  • How do you recognize the influence of Heavenly Father in your life each day?

  • How do we pray more like our Savior? How does this change the way we receive answers to our prayers?

  • How have you been an answer to someone's prayer this week or how has someone been an answer to yours?

  • What have you been prompted to do this week that you acted on, and how did that affect your day/week?

  • How do you recognize answers to your prayers?

  • When have you had a prayer immediately answered and how did that feel?

  • What are some blessings you have received when a prayer was answered differently than you had hoped?

  • How do you stay faithful and hopeful while waiting for answers when they don't come right away or as you had hoped?

  • How has "waiting on the Lord" changed your life for good?