Countdown to LDS General Conference

The anticipation is building as General Conference nears. Help share the excitement with a General Conference countdown! Make this paper chain and start it 15 days before General Conference. Each day learn a fun fact about each prophet. Send a copy of these home with your Primary Class to help them prepare for General Conference and remember to watch it.

Please note: It is okay to make several copies of this document but it's not okay to share the files digitally- share the link to this post instead (not the link to the pdf)- thanks!


As each day nears, tear down a strip and read interesting facts about these men. Once I really “got to know” the apostles, I was more interested in what they had to say and understood a bit more when they shared stories from their lives. Help your family get to know them too and look forward to hearing from our church leaders this next General Conference session.

UPDATE: Due to copyright issues, I can no longer use all the photos like in the previous ones. Instead, I had Bitsy Creations design characters for each apostle making it even more fun because you can color it!

Combine this countdown with my new First Presidency and Apostle Tube Dolls! Each doll includes illustrated clues that match the facts on the countdown. There is even a podium for them to stand behind.

Take It a Step Further:

  • Talk about ways to apply the prophets' teachings in your life

  • Discover if you are related to any of the prophets now and in the past. Log in to Relative Finder to find out! If you have a lot of Pioneer ancestors like me, chances are pretty good. Don't know how to use it? See this short tutorial.

  • Do an additional short activity to help reinforce the day's topic- is full of resources!

  • Find out more about each person by reading their biography on the church website.

  • Talk about how we already know who the next prophet will be- I put these paper chains in order from youngest to oldest apostle except for the First Presidency. President Eyring is after Elder Holland. President Oaks is next in line.

  • Get my free note pages to use while listening to General Conference!

  • Print out General Conference notebooks and get more great ideas with the post, Everything You Could Possibly Need for LDS General Conference.