Discussion Questions for "Just as He Did" by Bishop W. Christopher Waddell

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell reminds us of the small and simple things we can do while ministering in his talk, “Just as He Did.” Find discussion questions for your studies or lesson below.

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Questions to Ponder

  • Why is it difficult at times to forget ourselves and focus on serving others? Why is it necessary to forget ourselves to minister as Christ did?

  • How can we stay in contact with those who have fallen away? What are some ways we can overcome the idea that someone is too far gone?

  • How do we minister in a holier way? What are some ways to minister in His name, with His power and authority and with His loving kindness?

  • How does the commandment of loving thy neighbor help with ministering? How do we learn to truly love someone we might not initially connect with?

  • Why is it important to first be a friend to those we minister to? Once a friendship is developed how do we help our ministering families follow and know Him? How do we help them know and reach their divine potential?

  • The needs of our sisters and families come in a variety of shapes, sizes and conditions. How do we notice a need and minister to the one?

  • What converts people to the gospel? How do we help others gain a deeper individual conversion and become more like the Savior? Or how have others helped you gain a deeper conversion?

  • How can we push through rejection and continue in our ministering efforts? How do we overcome the judgement that someone is too far gone?

  • How can devastating or tragic news change someone’s outlook on the gospel?

  • There are both coordinated efforts and impromptu efforts in ministering. What are some examples of impromptu ministering? How have people ministered to you in a way that wasn’t coordinated?

  • Ministering starts with a desire to help other come unto Christ. If we don’t have that desire what things can we do to gain that desire?

  • As we seek guidance from the spirit and trust in the Lord we will be placed in situations and circumstances where we can act and bless those we minister to. What are some ways you have received guidance in your ministering efforts? How do we actually bless the lives of those we minister to?

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