"The Power of Sustaining Faith" by President Henry B. Eyring (Priesthood Session) Questions to Ponder

“The Power of Sustaining Faith” by President Henry B. Eyring (Priesthood Session) is a great talk to discuss how we can better support and uplift one another. Definitely keep it in mind when you will be sustaining more in your ward as well. Scroll below for discussion questions.

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Thanks to the volunteer who provided these great questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • What does it mean to you to sustain someone?

  • What are some ways we can convey our thanks to those we sustain?

  • Do you think we still are sustaining the plan of Happiness?

  • How can we sustain the plan of happiness today?

  • While Sustaining a person, do you feel that you are making a promise to God?

  • How can we keep faith in the person the Lord has called if they have wronged you?

  • Are there ways to aside the Holy Spirit that we can see evidence that those called are called of the Lord?

  • What does it mean to you to not judge unrighteously but in practice?

  • In what ways can we improve on sustaining those who lead us?

  • As women, how can we let the priesthood in our home know we continually sustain them?

  • Well we are sustaining other; how can we also sustain ourselves?

  • How can we continue to soften our own hearts? How do you feel sustaining others leads to a softening heart?

  • In what ways can those we serve to sustain us?

  • If the priesthood is called of God, do you feel being a member of the relief society is a calling from God?