"Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing" by Elder Dale G. Renlund Discussion Ideas

In "Family History and Temple Work: Sealing and Healing" by Elder Dale G. Renlund we learn two beautiful blessings from doing family history work. First, that growth occurs both forward and backward throughout our generations as we perform sealing ordinances. Second, that the temple blessings heal hearts, lives, and families.


How have you been blessed by temple and family history work? How can you help your class ignite the passion that is found once you start family history work?


  • How can family history heal our families?
  • How do you feel knowing that Heavenly Father fulfills His promises regarding family history simultaneously on both sides of the veil?
  • How can doing family history bless our life if we don't live close to a temple?
  • "When God directs us to do one thing, He often has many purposes in mind." What are the purposes He has in mind for family history?
  • What are common reasons people give for not doing family history? How can we make it more of a priority?
  • Have you experienced the promised blessings that come from doing family history?
  • How can we get our children involved in family history?
  • Why do many people think of family history as just a hobby? Why is family history more than that?
  • Besides finding family names for the temple, how else can we be engaged in family history?
  • How is temple work different for you if you bring your own family name? Is it different?
  • In what ways is family history and temple work hastening today?
  • Do you know how to take a name to the temple? If not, who can help you learn?
  • How do temples help us better understand that God is just?

Discussion Thoughts

From the Church, "Elder Renlund spoke of Ezekiel’s vision of a temple with water gushing out of it (see Ezekiel 47:8–9). Perhaps a member of the quorum or Relief Society could draw a picture of this vision on the board. How are the blessings of temple and family history work like the water in Ezekiel’s vision? You might invite class members to share blessings of temple and family history work that they have experienced. What can we do to make family history and temple work a more regular part of our lives?"

These are my ideas. My hope is that reading my thoughts will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class. Remember you are leading a discussion, not teaching a lesson so you may only need one of these ideas.

  • Elder Renlund and his family explained the scripture from Ezekiel in a Roots Tech presentation. It is a great movie to show because it explains the scripture as pertaining to family history with illustrations of the water.  Watch the video with your class and discuss what it means together.
  • Discuss the story of Parley and Orson Pratt. What caused the brothers to reconcile? Have you seen this power of family history in any other examples?
  • Elder Renlund gives a great list of healing blessings we receive from doing family history. Go through the list of blessings and ask your class if anyone would like to see these promises fulfilled in their lives or the lives of others they know.
  • Discuss the story of Todd and Rod and how family history healed their families.
  • Encourage your class to get into their family history work with these free discussion questions. They are a great way to involve the whole family and get excited about finding out more.
  • Discuss the caution President Nelson gave regarding family history and how you can make the sacrifice in your life necessary to heed his counsel.
  • The Youth and Family History section on LDS.org has excellent resources as well including more articles and videos to watch. It's a great place to see how you can involve the whole family and learn a little more yourself.
  • There are ton of great resources to help you learn about doing family history including different ways to go about it. Start with my list of resources from great bloggers.