LDS Teaching Helps for "Value beyond Measure" by Sister Joy D. Jones

Sister Joy D. Jones, the Primary General President, gave a talk entitled, "Value beyond Measure" where she reminded each of us of our unmistakable divine identity. 


When we understand who and whose we are, our lives truly change because it changes our outlook and potential. How much further we are willing to reach because we have a Heavenly Father.

Questions to Ponder

  • What attracts you to the gospel? 
  • How has understanding your divine nature been an influence for you?
  • What helps you escape the cycle of negative thoughts? What helps you avoid the drain of comparison?
  • How have you been reminded of your worth? 
  • What are some small spiritual manifestations that mean a lot to you? 
  • How can we make the love we feel for the Savior the overriding influence in our lives instead of self-doubts, etc.?
  • How do we allow Christ to save us, especially from ourselves? 
  • What does it mean to be spiritually passive? How is that damaging?
  • What distractions may cause you to be confused about who you are?
  • What helps you remember clearly your true identity?

Teaching Ideas

From the Church, "What blessings flow into our lives when we understand our divine identity? To answer this question, members of your quorum or Relief Society could review together the stories of Mariama, Renu, and Taiana in Sister Jones’s message. What counsel does Sister Jones give to help us 'remember and embrace our divine identity'? Invite members to find and discuss a scripture passage or a quotation in Sister Jones’s message that helps them understand their true worth to God. Invite them to share one of these scriptures or quotations with someone who needs a reminder of his or her divine worth."

The following are my ideas. My hope is that reading my thoughts, they will be a springboard to finding the right plans for your class. Remember you are leading a discussion, not teaching a lesson so you may only need one of these ideas.

  • Use some of my free Child of God printables as handouts or visual aids in your lesson such as my posters or bag toppers.
  • On the board write, "Because I am a child of God..." and ask your class to finish the sentence. Why does it matter that we know who we are and our true value? You can show this show video clip (Divine Potential) then discuss different answers to this question.
  • If you teach Relief Society, you can recite the Young Women's theme and discuss why it starts they way it does. How does that influence the rest of the theme?
  • Try using this idea from The Red Headed Hostess about teaching who we are.
  • Encourage participation with these chocolates from My Computer Is My Canvas.
  • Life's Journey to Perfection has a cute doughnut handout you could use for this lesson.
  • Ask people ahead of time to share their stories of when they understand who and whose they were and what that changed for them or share the stories in Sister Jones' talk. 
  • Discuss some ways Satan uses to get us to forget who we are or make it seem unimportant. How can we combat those tactics and help others remember who they are as well? 
  • There are two great videos of people singing, "I Am a Child of God." One is all in English, another is in several different languages. Show one during your lesson or as a conclusion. 
  • Here is another video about how God Is Our Father.
  • Spend time as Sister Jones did on differentiating the words, "worth" and "worthiness."
  • Sister Jones mentions it isn't usually some big thing that helps us understand our worth, it's the small repeated manifestations that let us know. You can compare this to filling our lamps with oil. 
  • Sister Jones talks about the pull towards the world and the pull towards our Heavenly Father. You can show this with a magnet object lesson. Where is the greater pull for us? How can we make sure we turn our magnets towards heaven? The repel can be Satan's influences (See the last few paragraphs).