Questions to Ponder and Discuss "The Immediate Goodness of God" by Elder Kyle S. McKay

“The Immediate Goodness of God” by Elder Kyle S. McKay is a beautiful reminder of the goodness that can come immediately from God as we wait for the bigger trials to pass. Scroll down for lots of discussion questions to use in your study and lessons.

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Thanks to Amy Fitz and Rosemarie Nodine Olsen for these great questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • Do we always need to pray and ask for deliverance? Does assurance come immediately even when we don’t ask for it? What if we don’t ever pray? Are we denied?

  • What role does hope play in waiting for deliverance? How has hope changed how you view your times of bondage for you or a loved one?

  • How can we change how we minister when those we visit are in bondage? Especially when there will be no earthly deliverance?

  • “Patience is key.” What other attributes are necessary to getting through a trial? What experiences have you had with developing these attributes?

  • What is the relationship between patience and faith? Can you have one without the other? How do you keep an eternal perspective while waiting on the Lord?

  • What are some ways we can recognize the immediate blessings we receive? How can we help others recognize them?

  • What difference does it make to you to receive immediate blessings? How do you feel when you can’t recognize them? What can you do about it?

  • Do blessings only come when we are obedient? Why/Why not?

  • Who is the source of deliverance? Why does it matter? Can we ever deliver ourselves?

  • What are other examples from the scriptures of waiting for deliverance? Why does knowing these stories help you? Do you share your stories with others when you have similar experiences? Why or why not?

  • Have you ever had to change how you pray or what you pray for? What difference did that make?

  • What role does gratitude play in receiving blessings? How has gratitude changed your ability to recognize the “immediate goodness” of God?

  • Why do we tend to wait until times of desperation to call upon God? How do we change that tendency? What do we need to do instead?

  • When have you felt peace even when it seemed impossible to do so? How did that change you? How do you think that will help you in future situations?

  • Some fruits of the Spirit are peace, hope, love and joy. How does the Lord use these in order to bless us? Why do you think they usually come immediately?

  • Why do we sometimes put ourselves in bondage? Is it inevitable that we have times of bondage (temporal and spiritual?) Why or why not?

  • Why is this message especially relevant today? Is it a new concept? Does it come as a surprise that you can receive immediate blessings? How is this message different from others of this theme? Do those differences matter?

  • The word immediate, what is its meaning and what do you think of when you think of it?

  • How is patience an essential part of developing and demonstrating saving faith in God?

  • In the scriptures there are words or phrases that are used to describe or denote time. What words or phrases come to mind?

  • What is the immediate goodness of God?

  • Have you seen the immediacy of His goodness in your life?

  • How is God’s love “immediate”?