Discussion Questions for "Careful versus Casual" by Sister Becky Craven

Sister Becky Craven gives us all sorts of visuals to work with in her talk, “Careful versus Casual.” You could make a “Happiness for Sale” sign, bring a train set, and even draw Lehi’s dream on the board. Find some questions to help you discuss this talk below.

Thanks to the volunteers who provided these questions!

Questions to Ponder

  • What makes us happy?

  • How does Lehi's dream warn us about casual living?

  • What types of things might lead us near the tree, but not to it?

  • In what ways do we casually live the gospel?

  • What does it mean to carefully live the gospel?

  • What can we do to help us remember to carefully live the gospel and our covenants?

  • What are ways in which we mark ourselves?

  • How do these marks help us remember to carefully live the gospel?

  • How can we help those around to carefully live the gospel? What goals can we set to help us and our families live carefully?

  • What are some of the obstacles that can get in the way of our track and what can we do to not let these obstacles derail us?

  • How have you felt your covenants have bound you to Christ?

  • What’s the difference between the path leading TO the tree of life versus the river that led NEAR the tree? What does it look like to be careful or casual?

  • What are some of the ways we tend to be casual with our gospel living? What can we do to be more careful?

  • How can we encourage those around us (children, grandchildren, our ministering sisters, friends, coworkers, neighbor as, etc.) to more carefully live the gospel? 

  • What do you think are markings of a true disciple of Christ? What are the signs of your personal discipleship? 

  • “Although we may not be perfect, we can be worthy.” How can we tell if we are worthy?