Questions to Ponder for "Christ: The Light That Shines in Darkness" by Sister Sharon Eubank

Did you catch all the different things Sister Sharon Eubank said Christ is in her talk, “Christ: The Light That Shines in Darkness"? They are in bold throughout her talk. My favorite right now? “Christ is rest.” What’s yours?

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Thanks so much for the volunteer who made these questions possible!

Questions to Ponder

  • How is Christ a source of light and power? How has Christ been a source of light and power in your life?

  • In what way does Satan “dim our light” or “leave us alone in the dark?”

  • How can feelings of isolation and loneliness separate us from “the light?”

  • When has Christ eased your burdens or healed your wounds? How did that change your understanding of the Atonement?

  • How can we find “rest in Christ” in our busy, scheduled lives?

  • What could we change to allow Christ to be “a rest” when we feel heavy laden?

  • Sometimes members feel like they “don’t fit the traditional mold.” What can the examples of Christ reaching out to women, lepers, tax collectors, harlots, Samaritans, widows etc teach us about inclusion?

  • Sister Eubank shares a dream of a gazebo made of stones. What does the story teach us about faith and “turning stones into light?”

  • How does Christ help us overcome feelings of not being “good enough?”

  • What can we do to reconnect to the light and power of Christ when we feel our faith or testimony wavering?