"Exercising Our Spiritual Muscles" by Elder Juan Pablo Villar Questions to Ponder

Didn’t you love the story of Elder Juan Pablo Villar visiting his missionary brother in his "Exercising Our Spiritual Muscles"? You never know what lessons others will learn as you continue to be a righteous example and lovingly accept and encourage others.

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Questions to Ponder

  • What makes faith a “principle of action”? 

  • What are some ways you put faith into action and exercise it?

  • When you put faith into action, how do you experience your faith growing stronger?

  • In what ways do you become more in tune with His Spirit?

  • When you are in tune with His Spirit you learn how to identified opportunities to exercise your faith. Once you identify those opportunities you must then act on them.  How have you done this?

  • The Lord has promised us He will make weak things become strong but there is a process to earning this strength. What must we do?  (humble themselves and have [exercise] faith) Why is it important to humble ourselves before Him?

  • President Russell M. Nelson invites us to intently come unto the Savior. How are you intentional about your spiritual activity?

  • In order to exercise and increase our faith, we must do things that require faith. What are some examples of things that require faith?

  • Exercising our faith will in turn expand the spiritual gifts that we have been blessed with. What spiritual gifts have we been blessed with?

  • Have you ever started an exercise program and felt like you just can’t do another repetition? However, as you continue to regularly dedicate time to your exercise plan, increasing the weight or difficulty of your exercise, you begin to see changes in your body, changes that are happening slowly but eventually will become substantial changes. To the same analogy, when we don’t exercise our bodies we begin to lose muscle strength, cardiovascular strength and overall health. How is exercising our faith work in the same way?