Questions to Ponder and Discuss "Look unto Jesus Christ" by Elder Kim B. Clark

"Look unto Jesus Christ" by Elder Kim B. Clark reminded us of the daily effort that is required to keep our focus on Jesus Christ. Keep scrolling to find some great questions to use as you discuss and ponder this talk.

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Thanks to the volunteers who made these questions for everyone to enjoy!

Questions to Ponder

  • How have you seen miracles in your life as you’ve implemented recent changes in the church?

  • In what ways are you working to daily look to and serve Jesus Christ?

  • Who do you know who is trying to be like Jesus? How does that inspire you to also try to be like Jesus?

  • What things can you turn away from to more fully look unto Christ?

  • How can we be more present in looking toward Christ?

  • What blessings have you seen in your life as you have looked to the Lord?

  • How have you been able to keep your thoughts focused on Jesus Christ? What has changed in your life as you tried to keep your thoughts on Him?

  • How has keeping your covenants protected you or your family?

  • When have you felt that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are with you?

  • What characteristics of the Savior could you better magnify in your life?

  • When have you been able to see others as Jesus sees them? How did that change the way you treated them?

  • What happens if you give into your doubts? What happens if you look to the Savior?

  • What does the phrase, “look unto Christ” mean to you?

  • Elder Clark said, “Brethren, as bearers of the holy priesthood, we are engaged in the work of salvation. In the last year, the Lord has placed the leadership of this work squarely on the shoulders of the elders of Israel.” How has your participation and leadership as a priesthood holder changed this past year? Why has this been important?

  • In what ways are you ministering in a holier way?

  • In what ways are you contributing to the gathering of Israel on both sides of the veil?

  • What have you done to make your home a “sanctuary of faith and gospel learning”?

  • In what ways are you preparing yourself and those around you for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

  • Share an example from the life and ministry of Jesus that inspires you to do “the Fathers will” and to give your heart to the Father?

  • Elder Clark said, “It is a call to teach His doctrine and do His work in His way. It is, therefore, a call to trust Him completely, surrender our will and yield our hearts to Him, and through His redeeming power become like Him.” What do we need to change to make this transformation?

  • President Russell M. Nelson stated, “There is nothing easy or automatic about becoming such powerful disciples. Our focus must be riveted on the Savior and His gospel. It is mentally rigorous to strive to look unto Him in every thought. But when we do, our doubt and fear flee.” How will becoming one with the Savior prepare us for His Second Coming? How can we become “more riveted” on the Savior?

  • What does it mean to live a covenant life? How does making and keeping covenants improve our lives?

  • How can we access the redeeming power of the Savior and the sanctifying influence of the Holy Ghost? What experiences have you had when you felt that redeeming power?

  • How does the knowledge that we are not alone, that Christ and His Father are with us and want us to succeed, help you to make hard choices?