Questions to Ponder for "The Quorum: A Place of Belonging" by Elder Carl B. Cook

“The Quorum: A Place of Belonging” by Elder Carl B. Cook addresses the fundamental need that everyone needs to have a place to belong. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how long you have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; we all desperately want to belong. There is a great power in a united quorum or church class.

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Questions to Ponder

  • What can we learn about creating a “Quorum of belonging” (or class) by reading the story of Andre Sebako?

  • How can a priesthood quorum (or church class) help its members stay on the “covenant path?”

  • What can members of a priesthood quorum (or church class) do to make sure no one is “left behind”?

  • What can a priesthood quorum (or church class) do to improve support for a home-centered gospel program? What can they do if there isn’t home support?

  • According to Elder Cook a quorum (or church class) is “a place where we instruct each other, serve others, and build unity and brotherhood as we serve God.” What does that mean to you? Is our quorum (or church class) like that? How can we improve?

  • What miracles have you seen due to the efforts of your quorum (or church class)?

  • How has service strengthened your priesthood quorum (or church class)?

  • How have you seen your quorum (or church class) strengthened by missionary efforts? What more can be done? What are the barriers that prevent missionary work from growing?

  • How does a quorum (or church class) show unity? Why is a unified priesthood quorum (or church class) important?

  • Think of at least one new way your priesthood quorum (or church class) could be “a place of belonging, be a place of gathering, and a place of growing”.