Questions to Ponder for "Feasting upon the Words of Christ" by Elder Takashi Wada

Remember the joy of truly feasting as you discuss and ponder “Feasting upon the Words of Christ” by Elder Takashi Wada. Discover some questions to help you discuss and share this talk below.

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Question to Ponder

  • Elder Wada stated, “Feasting sometimes involves experimenting and tasting.” What does it mean to you to “experiment and taste” the word of God?

  • How is experimenting and tasting different than scripture study?

  • Reflect on the statement in the talk that during a feast, the amount or kind of food we are served may not matter when our hearts are filled with gratitude. How can we apply the principle of gratitude to feasting on the word of god?

  • Using the reverse, if we eat a feast that someone has lovingly prepared, yet by not partaking of the food with gratitude, we find ourselves judging the food. How can we liken a lack of gratitude to our efforts to effectively study the scriptures?

  • How can we prepare ourselves to have the spirit of gratitude before we feast at the table of the word of God?

  • How can you gain a testimony that you are God’s child? Can you share that moment where you recognized your true identity and potential as a child of God?

  • How can we prepare ourselves to “hunger for the word”?

  • How does “feasting” on the words of Christ help us lift the lives of others?

  • Can you share a time when the words of Christ in a scripture, talk, or lesson caused your “heart to burn”? How did it change you?

  • Elder Wada said that feasting upon the words of Christ can happen at any time and on any occasion. How can we prepare our hearts for those occasions?

  • How does feasting on the words of Christ make us better missionaries?

  • In a world that is ever becoming narcissistic and self-focused, how does the “pleasing words of God” help us increase our confidence and godly self-esteem?