"Seeking Knowledge by the Spirit" by Elder Mathias Held Discussion Questions

"Seeking Knowledge by the Spirit" by Elder Mathias Held is a great one to combine with the Elder Neil L. Andersen’s “The Eye of Faith.” Both talks help us remember the additional knowledge that comes from a spiritual perspective.

Thanks to the volunteer who submitted these questions. If you have more that you would like to share, submit them in the comments below or email me!

Questions to Ponder

  • What fruits of the spirit do you see in church members?

  • If you’re convert, what things first impressed you about the church?

  • How did you learn what the Spirit felt like the first time?

  • Do you feel the Spirit differently than you did the first time? What helps you recognize it?

  • What scripture did you read the first time you recognized the Spirit testifying of truth?

  • How have you learned line upon line? How have you seen that in your life or in your testimony?

  • How does your vision change when you look at something with one eye versus two eyes? How does your ability to navigate up or down the stairs change while covering one eye versus doing the same activity with two eyes?

  • What have you learned by studying and also by faith? How important is pondering and studying to learn those things?

  • How does combining the physical perspective with our spiritual one make a more complete picture?