"Abound with Blessings" by Elder Dale G. Renlund Questions to Ponder

How are you planning to discuss "Abound with Blessings" by Elder Dale G. Renlund? Get some questions to start your discussion below.

Thanks to the volunteer who provided these questions.

Questions to Ponder

  • What is the difference between learning and obtaining?

  • How do we recognize our blessings?

  • Have you experienced a blessing after being faithful?

  • How can we deprive ourselves of blessings?

  • What are our simple daily blessings?

  • What are eternal blessings?

  • Elder Renlund mentions three faith inspired actions to do on our part. What is an initial action we can take? What should be our ongoing actions? What is an essential action we need to consistently perform?

  • Three words Elder Renlund mentions- 1) activate, which means to cause to function. How can we activate our faith for blessings? 2) predicate, which means to proclaim or affirm. How can we affirm we have received a blessing? 3) qualify, which means to provide with proper or necessary skills, knowledge, or credentials. How do we qualify ourselves to receive blessings?

  • Elder Renlund tells us to act in faith and accept the Lord's will and timetable. How can we humbly accept the Lord's will? How can we accept the Lord's time table?

  • What is on ongoing faith filled action?

  • Elder Renlund says to figuratively keep moving our feet. How do we keep moving?

  • Elder Renlund talks about blessings from the "come follow me" program. How has this program blessed you spiritually? How has this program increased your gospel joy? How has this program deepened your conversion?

  • For other group discussion have your class tell stories or examples of their owned blessed experiences.