Teaching Ideas and Questions for "Thru Cloud and Sunshine, Lord, Abide with Me!" by Sister Reyna I. Aburto

In the October 2019 General Conference talk, “Thru Cloud and Sunshine, Lord, Abide with Me!”, Sister Reyna I. Aburto reminds us of the sunshine and hope available even when we cannot see it. There are many gems of wisdom and encouragement throughout this talk including,

“Your struggles do not define you, but they can refine you.”


Questions to Ponder

Thanks so much to volunteer, Heather Perkins who created these questions for us. Sign up to help with questions next session.

  • Are the clouds in your life reflecting the shining sun or are they black clouds; blinding you of the light that is there? What do you do if it’s the black clouds?

  • How do you perceive myself? How do you perceive the others around you?

  • What help are you seeking from God regularly? What help have you expressed gratitude for recently?

  • When you feel broken or defective; how do you react? Where do you find yourself turning?

  • What unnecessary burdens are you placing on yourself right now? How would being free of these burdens help your emotional struggles and challenges? How would it affect your choices?

  • How can you better relate to someone whose pain you may not understand? How can you help them feel understood, validated, and loved in a more Christ like way?

  • How can you more fully discern who may be struggling and in need of your help?

  • What miracles of healing have you experienced in your life and seen in the lives of those around you?

  • What do you need to "carry to the Savior" in order to be healed?

  • How can you better feel and trust in the Lord's understanding and love? How can you help yourself feel His support better?

Discussion Ideas

  • Discuss ways we can support and uplift when those are experiencing thoughts of suicide. Suicide.churchofJesusChrist.org has many resources you can pull up and learn from together (including videos).

  • End your lesson with a question to ponder while you have someone play Hymn #166, “Abide with Me.”

  • Discuss how stress can have an impact on our emotional and mental wellness. Refer to the chart in Understanding Stress from Adjusting to Missionary Life. Then discuss what things we might be able to unburden ourselves from as we stop striving for perfection and accept who we are and where are at. How can we help each other when we’re stressed?

  • Open with a little flashlight demonstration- the bigger the flashlight, the better! Turn it on and show how bright it is (without hurting people’s eyes obviously). Place it under your podium if you have one or inside a box and close it up. Ask your class the simple question of whether the flashlight is still on and how they know. How can we remember that the light from heaven still shines when we can’t see it?

  • Send a coloring page of this talk home with your class so they can discuss points with their families.