October 2019 General Conference Coloring Pages

The October 2019 General Conference was another one to remember! Do you think President Russell M. Nelson ever gets tired of surprising us? He has such a great teasing smile. To help review this last General Conference and prepare yourselves for the unique April 2020 General Conference, color these quote highlights from Conference.


How You Can Use These General Conference Coloring Pages

You can use these coloring pages in all sorts of fun ways including:

  • Review with your family some of your favorite quotes and teachings. It’s a great way to prepare for next General Conference.

  • Teach a youth lesson. You have the option of teaching a General Conference lesson in Young Women’s and Young Men’s right now in addition to the other topics. These would be great to help you bring up a specific point and even keep their attention throughout.

  • Keep little hands busy in a good way during Sacrament meeting.

  • When you are done coloring them, hang them on your wall and be reminded of the words throughout these next six months.

We love to color in our house. I like having the Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection for these purposes. It includes a crayon sharpener and easy carry bin so we can color wherever we want. That's what you see in the photos.

Elder Terence M. Vinson reminded us of priorities in his talk, “True Disciples of the Savior.” He gave us a great phrase to easily remember when he quoted a missionary who was quoting his father, “What we need here is less Wi-Fi and more Nephi.” There are so many great discussions you can have with your family around this quote. Set some boundaries or remind your family of the rules of the internet in your house. It’s even a great opportunity to talk about appropriate uses of the internet (talk about how you can protect your family from pornography).

Brother Stephen W. Owen told a story about deer who starved with full bellies of hay. They didn’t have the proper nourishment so they died anyway. He reminded us that the same thing can happen to us spiritually. He said in his talk, “Be Faithful, Not Faithless”

Where do we find true spiritual nourishment? Most often, it is not trending on social media. We find it when we “press [our] way forward” on the covenant path, “continually holding fast to the rod of iron,” and partake of the fruit of the tree of life. This means that we must deliberately take time each day to disconnect from the world and connect with heaven.

Place this coloring page next to your computer or where you charge all your devices for a gentle reminder throughout the year.

One of my favorite talks from this Conference is “Spiritual Capacity” by Sister Michelle Craig. It’s such a great one to go over with our youth especially as they set goals and try to be connected to personal revelation. One of her four tips on how to increase our spiritual capacity talked about being okay with “another way.” Sometimes we get so stuck in our ruts when we are asked to do something another way we resist it yet that is the answer the Lord is giving us. She gave the example of three people in the scriptures that all encountered a similar problem- a large body of water to cross- but they all found a different solution. Nephi built a boat, the brother of Jared built a barge tight like a dish, and Moses parted the Red Sea. Each received personalized direction to their question. I love that reminder!

(This coloring page is pictured on the top left in the photo above)

And of course, we have to highlight the new Young Women’s theme! Sister Bonnie H. Cordon introduced it in her talk, “Beloved Daughters.” There are so many beautiful things about this new theme. When you study this theme, you can color the words and phrases that stand out to you in different colors so you can make the theme uniquely yours.