One Easy Way to Dive into Family History

We are constantly being told to do our family history- bring your own names to the temple, help with indexing, write family histories. How are you doing on your family history? Are you doing it or still putting it off? Elder Packer (of the Seventy) in this last conference (October 2014) said,

"Family history and temple work should be a regular part of our personal worship."

The great thing about Family History work is it has come leaps and bounds over the last few years. It really is so easy to do now. Elder Packer continued,

"Doing the work now is much easier and limited only by the number of members who make this a priority. The work still takes time and sacrifice, but all can do it, and with relative ease compared to just a few years ago."

I'm far from perfect in doing my family history and I definitely have much more to learn. I thought, though, maybe we could dive into it together. Here is one way to easily jump into family history and get excited. 

Using Relative Finder

Relative Finder is a great way to get your whole family excited. The church has made it so easy to connect your one account with so many other sites. All you need is your LDS log in for all these sites. Once your log in, click on "Relatives."

Now check the boxes you want to discover. Do you think you have relatives in the Martin Handcart company but don't know their names? Click the box and hit "Show Relatives." It automatically searches your family tree and tells you exactly how you are related to everyone. You'll love it! 

Are we related to any of the same people? If you want to see more about that person and just how you are related, click the "View" button.

One thing you need to do before diving into these other sites, however, is make sure you are set up with the basics on Family Search otherwise you won't have a tree to search through. Find out how to do that here. 

Your Turn- Which famous people are you related to?