Pinned On Our Hearts: How to be a Great Member Missionary

Don't you just love missionaries? I especially bond with the Sisters- they are the best! I couldn't resist asking Sister Fox to write a little something when she got home and I'm happy to say, she said yes! Here is a recently returned and super great missionary's perspective on how we can help in the great work. 

There are quite a few things we as members can do to help the missionaries. When I was a missionary, I loved it when members would come to lessons with us. Not only is it beneficial for us missionaries, but it's beneficial for the individual or family we are teaching. It helps the person being taught have fellowship and more importantly, friends. 

Sometimes we think as members it's hard to help the missionaries because we don't know what to do. The answer is much simpler than we might think. It's honestly the little things that really count the most. For example: We have the advantage of using social media, where as for some missions like mine, we didn't get to use social media like Facebook, Twitter etc. We would ask the members to maybe post a scripture or video from they liked. It all starts by something small like that. 

Being home and seeing both sides of the work done, I'd have to say it's a 50/1000 chance. However, I've witnessed many times where members are the KEY to our success as the missionary. For example: One time our ward was having a barbecue. We wanted as many people to attend as possible so we went and asked the members to share fliers and things with the less active families they visit teach, home teach, their neighbors, friends from work and school. WE EMPHASIZED that If they would talk to AT LEAST one person each day and INVITE them to the BBQ, then we would have lots of people there. As we did this the members got excited and weren't scared to talk to people. And in the end we actually had non members and less actives come. 

It doesn't always have to be an invite to something, however, your success is in the invitation.  Most of the time what missionaries love is to see the members friendship the non members because that is how we build relationship with non-members- by friendships.  

Being a member missionary isn't hard. We are all missionaries, even though we don't have the name tag on our coat. We must have it pinned on our hearts. It's important that we know we are all children of God looking for the same eternal goal, to return back to our Heavenly Father. So the next time you see someone you don't know...Go talk to them, because who knows..maybe they will be apart of the 50/1000 to be baptized. 

More TIPS:

  • Post Your Favorite daily Scriptures on Facebook or Twitter (I do this and it works pretty well)
  • Text a non member friend something you learned from church or your favorite picture of Christ
  • Go out with the missionaries....they LOVE IT!!!
  • Have the missionaries for dinner with your friends/neighbors (They don't have even teach them a lesson, just talk like normal people)
  • Invite your non member friends to recreational Church activities
  • Give your friends a church tour before church on Sunday
  • Have your friends attend FHE in your home (usually most people are interested in Family Activities)
  • Smile at someone at the store
  • Help an elderly person with their groceries
  • Help someone with their screaming child

These are only a FEW Ideas that I've witnessed as a missionary and have seen miracles come from them. I know even though we may get busy in life, we still have some time in our lives to preach the gospel and help bring our brothers and sisters closer to Christ. :) Oh, and remember.. ..DON"T BE SCARED!!!! :D

Hello, My name is Sister Cynthia Fox. I'm a returned missionary from The Colorado, Colorado Springs Mission.  I served from December 2013- November 2014. I was in a car accident, so I returned home early to get better. From being home, I've learned a lot about what it takes to be a awesome member missionary.