#BecauseofHim Day 2 Photo Challenge

Today's Photo Challenge is about service- #BecauseofHim I can serve others.  

I have the privilege of serving in Young Women's.  As much as I like it, there are times when it really does get overwhelming and hard. That's when I need to pray and rely on my Savior for continued support, energy, and even for more of a servant's heart.  Service is not always easy, however, #BecauseofHim I continue and I find peace and happiness.   

#BecauseofHim I can serve others

For my lesson this last Sunday, I started this challenge with the Beehives.  I had each of them think of something they have #BecauseofHim and share a 1 minute testimony.  Then I had them do a #StartingToday photo.  Their challenge is to carry out their #StartingToday commitment this week. l will be following up with them Sunday.  I love teaching these girls.  This beautiful Beehive and her parent's gave me permission to use her photo.  Her sign says, "We can live again in Heaven."  

How can you serve others #BecauseofHim?

#BecauseofHim we can start again and again
#StartingToday I will serve more