#BecauseofHim Photo Challenge Day 3

#BecauseofHim I can love more fully

I can love more fully #BecauseofHim.  I love how these photo challenges are making me stop and think for a minute.  #BecauseofHim I can love more fully- when I'm struggling with those feelings of love, I pray to feel His love for them so that I too can love them.  When I'm having a hard time focusing on the good in someone, I pray to see what He sees.  I pray until the love He feels, is the love I feel.  My Savior certainly helps me when its harder but He helps me love even more when its easy to love too.  Just having His Spirit with me magnifies the love I already feel especially for my children.  #BecauseofHim I absolutely can love more fully and when I do love more, I feel more love, more happiness, and more freedom.  Its amazing.  

Here's another image from the Church. How has Jesus helped you live a better life? If you haven't watched the video yet, please do!