5 Small Ways to Support Your LDS Missionary

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Your missionary is already on the journey of a lifetime. Maybe they are in the MTC or maybe it's half way through their mission. You are already keeping track of the countdown for them and you are avoiding the 5 topics missionaries don't need to hear as your write to them faithfully. But you want to do more.  


Big care packages are always fun and welcome but not always practical. What else can you do? Here are 5 simple ways you can continue to support your missionary:

Help Them Adjust

Your missionary may be in a country with the best food in the world or somewhere they really struggle to find food. Either way, the chances are your missionary is going to change during these next couple of years. Help them adjust. If you have a male missionary, these Railtek Belts are amazing. They ratchet close instead of buckle so they don't have any holes which makes adjusting to different sizes easy. Plus no holes means a cleaner look all around which is just what your missionary needs. I recommend having your missionary try the new way to put their belt on a few times before actually wearing it to get used to it but after that, they won't go back. It's my husband's new all time favorite belt. If you have a sister missionary, try to stick to skirts with a little give and take. 

Study Together

Just because you aren't in the same town or even country anymore doesn't mean you can't study together. Grab a Preach My Gospel book and start studying with them. Share your insights each week in your letters to let them know you are supporting them fully in their journey. Put into practice the same principles your missionary is. You'll both be better people by the time they come home and you'll be able to share that special experience together. 

Discover Their Area

While your missionary is away, continue to learn more about where they will be serving. Find out culture customs, great foods, and even some famous landmarks in the area. As your missionary writes home about their experiences, you'll be able to better understand their stories as you better understand the culture they are in. You will also be able to give some suggestions for P-day. Your missionary will appreciate your efforts. 

Go to the Temple

Attending the temple brings numerous blessings for you and your family. Make a commitment to the amount of times you will attend the temple while your missionary is away. After you attend the temple, send a letter to your missionary about your experience and how your testimony has grown. Take a few selfies with the temple in the background while you are there and share a simple testimony online. Remember to keep challenging yourself to be a better missionary too.

Share Your Conversion Story

When was the last time you told your missionary your conversion story? Have you even written it down? In this week's letter, tell your missionary why you joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Why did you choose to believe? What started you on the gospel path? It will help build their own testimony and may even provide an answer to one of their prayers as they strive to help others. Make a copy for yourself and read it when you need a boost too. Get started with these free testimony journal templates. 

Your Turn- How else do you support your missionary?