Free LDS Baptism Covers

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LDS baptisms are beautiful experiences. My third daughter was baptized recently and it was such a sweet event. One of the keys for us with this one was keeping it really simple. This meant little stress for me but also allowed the spirit to be the focus not all the extras. There are however, a few basics that you will need. 

Every stake does things a little bit differently but generally you'll need a baptism program. If you are making the program yourself or able to provide input, here is a baptism cover image that you can use. I made it in 4 styles to hopefully cover a lot of different situations. I also chose to do it in black and white so it's easy to make lots of copies on any machine. The front cover (the right side) is a picture of the baptism child and the priesthood holder.. The back cover (on the left) has the Waters of Mormon and a quote from Elder Robert D. Hales. It says, 

“Our Baptism and confirmation is the gateway into His kingdom. When we enter, we covenant to be of His kingdom—forever!”
-Elder Robert D. Hales

Click the name of the image you want below then save it to your computer (right click on the image after it pops up). Then open a Word document and size the image according. I left enough space around the corners and in the middle that it'll work out when you print and fold. When you have your image loaded in a Word document you can also add your child's name, ward, or other personalization. I recommend using a text box so it's easy to move around and center correctly.

Bald Man with Boy

Bald Man with Girl

Man with Hair and Boy

Man with Hair and Girl

If you would like me to personalize your program for you (including the inside), I do them for $5 an edit. Request yours by email. Please include all the program details including which cover you'd prefer, who is presiding, conducting, speaking, saying the prayers, baptizing, and which songs you will be singing.

Baptism Gift Ideas

A constant question I hear is about what to get the person who is being baptized. Please know that you showing up at their baptism and congratulating them means a lot in and of itself. It isn't necessary to actually give a gift. However, if you still want to get a little something extra, here are a few ideas:

  • My Baptismal Covenant Bookmark- These are great because they can stick it in their scripture bags and remember what they covenanted to do it. It comes in a girl and boy style. Our Primary Presidency is currently giving these out as they welcome the child officially into Primary.
  •  Scriptures- These always make a great gift. They come in 3 colors (black, brown, and burgundy) and several styles. Try to secretly find out what your child wants including if they want their name embossed on them and how.
  • Scripture Markers- You can go fancy with a multi colored pen or simple with a standard red marking pencil. It's a great way to encourage use of the scriptures.
  • Pocket Sized Hymnal- These are so handy and you can emboss their names on them. Write a note inside so they will always remember where they got it and why.
  • Baptism Testimony Pearl Set- Includes a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and poem about creating a testimony.
  • It's Great to Be 8 Greeting Card- A card with note is always beautiful. These ones come in boy or girl themed style. 
  • Baptism Towels- Many Primaries give out baptism towels to the children getting baptized. You can buy white towels in bulk and tie a ribbon around them or jazz them up with a CTR vinyl iron-on.
  • Arrow Tie Bar- Comes on a It's Great to Be Eight cardboard making it perfect for the baptism boy.
  • Baptism Pillow- I LOVE this idea. You can personalize it with a name and date or buy a more general one. How great would it be to see a reminder of your baptism and the people who love you every day? 
  • Baptism Subway Art- Buy a frame and print this subway art out. Add a note on the back of the frame or attach a picture of you two together so they will always remember.
  • Baptism Themed Chocolate- Use these cute nugget wrappers from My Computer is My Canvas or go for the full chocolate bar cover from Sunnyside Cottage Art. You could probably adapt these for other candies with a little creativity. I really like this KitKat version.

There are tons of other great ideas but these are my favorites. If you want to keep looking, I recommend Etsy to get more unique gifts from small business owners.

Your Turn- How do you celebrate the baptism child?