Give Your Phone a Makeover with These 10 Inspiring Wallpapers

Life isn't limited to a 4 inch screen (Elder Teixeira) but we do look at our mobile devices an awful lot. For most of us it has completely replaced clocks and watches. So why not use your mobile device to do some good? Grab one of these FREE inspiring wallpapers and give yourself some midday motivation. Even better, let it become a conversation starter with a friend. Each quote below has a line from a LDS hymn- the perfect pocket of inspiration and conversation. These images are meant for vertical viewing which is why they are great for phones. You can put these on your other devices but if you turn it horizontal, you'll have black on the edges. I put one on my tablet's lock screen anyway because I mostly hold it vertically to unlock. It's beautiful.


To grab your wallpaper, click on one of the links below. I've numbered each picture so you can see what you're getting. You'll be taken to a full image- simply save the image then upload it to your phone (If you want to use these images in any other way, please email me first- thanks!)

9) I Need Thee Every Hour

10) There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today

I took some screenshots to give you an idea of how some of them will look. It'll differ a bit on your phone depending on your screen size and how you crop the image. The Cknscratch tags are just for photo purposes here and won't be in your final image.

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