Won't You Be My Neighbor? 3 Reasons to Cultivate Your Neighborhood Relationships

When I was a little girl, I envied my friends who could go outside and play with their neighbors. I always wanted to be friends with my neighbors but the way our house was situated; it didn't happen. My lifelong goal was to live in a real neighborhood with real neighbors that I knew. It may seem silly to you but getting to know your neighbors has quite a few benefits. And while not all neighbors are ideal, getting to know them certainly helps.


When your house gets struck by lightning

Or any other emergency for that matter. Within the church we already have a built in support system, however, it is even nicer to walk out of your house as the fire department rushes in and immediately have a place to stay for the night. Staying nearby your own house so you can answer questions and find out details as they come is really helpful. I’m a believer that most people are good and will help in an emergency. However, your family will be MUCH more comfortable in a house you already know. When our house was struck by lightning, our neighbors offered their house to us for a whole week while they were on vacation because we had already known them for years. It also helps to have instant trustworthy babysitters nearby if you have to rush someone to the hospital.

After the emergency has died down, your neighbors are the first ones checking up on you and offering assistance. It is so nice to have the other neighbors drop by and offer their expertise and assistance the next day. Just because the emergency part is over, doesn't mean you're done dealing with things.

While you are out

You don't have to hunt down someone to check your mail or roll your trash can up because you know your neighbors will help you out. There have been times when I’ve gotten a text asking if I’d check on someone’s house because they had forgotten to ask someone before they left. They knew they could count on us and we are always more than happy to help out. Even if you get a house sitter, it’s nice to know someone else is looking out for you. Once the house sitter next door accidentally left the garage door open after she had left for the day; it’s no big deal for us to just close it for them. However, if we hadn't known the neighbors and this situation, we would have never thought to take care of it. 

Sharing the Message of Forever Families

If you don’t know your neighbors, how are you going to invite them to that great ward Halloween party or your next family home evening? Getting to know those around you is the first step in sharing the gospel. When you really know your neighbor it’s not some big scary thing to invite them out to a potluck over at the church. It’s a normal friend thing to do and who knows what that will lead to. Simply having your neighbors in your home too helps to share some of your values.  

How do you get to know your neighbors? Throw a Get to Know You BBQ! (great free printables from the Dating Divas). Get to know them. One day, you'll be grateful.