Lesson 8: The Church of Jesus Christ Has Prophets to Teach Us


The purpose of Primary 3 Lesson 8: The Church of Jesus Christ Has Prophets to Teach Us is to understand the importance of listening to and obeying the teachings of the prophets.

Teaching Thoughts

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Teacher Study

"Heed the Prophet's Voice" by Elder L. Tom Perry

"Sustaining the Prophets" by Elder Russell M. Nelson

Discover what you can learn about being a great teacher from General Conference in this Teaching Tip. 


"Follow the Prophet"- Children's Songbook pg. 110

"Keep the Commandments"- Children's Songbook pg. 146

"Latter-day Prophets"- Children's Songbook pg. 134

"Nephi's Courage"- Children's Songbook pg. 120

"Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus"- Children's Songbook pg. 36

"Seek the Lord Early"- Children's Songbook pg. 108

"Stand for the Right"- Children's Songbook pg. 159

"The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden"- Children's Songbook pg. 237

"The Sixth Article of Faith"- Children's Songbook pg. 126

"We'll Bring the World His Truth"- Children's Songbook pg. 172 (Army of Helaman)


We Need Living Prophets (about 3 minutes)- Members of the church share their testimony



My Primary 3 Lesson 8 handout packet includes

  • Follow the Prophet footprints- Cut these out and place around the room in a circle. Sing follow the prophet as your class goes from footprint to footprint. Clap your hands 3 times when you want them to stop and draw one of the word strips (included in this packet). Whoever is standing on that footprint gets to say how they can follow the prophet. It's okay if there is more than one person on a footprint at a time- they can all answer. 
  • 4 Quotes from President Thomas S. Monson- 2 from April 2016 General Conference and 2 from October 2016. You can use these quotes in place of the magazine in Preparation 4.
  • Wordstrips to go with Preparation 3. 

Activity Ideas

Conference Messages- Unscramble the letters to find out who speaks at conference

Follow the Prophet- Find the hidden objects

Follow the Prophet- Scripture story figures to tell the story of Enoch

Follow the Prophet- Maze 

Heavenly Father Speaks to Us through His Prophets- Booklet of all the modern prophets and apostles

Living Prophets Teach Me to Choose the Right- Put the apostles and prophets in their chairs for General Conference

Prophets- Match the prophet to the prophecies 

Prophets- Called of God for Us- Prophet Stick Figures

Blessings Come When We Follow the Prophet- Match the prophet with his teachings

Follow the Prophets' Examples- Match prophets' works with their pictures

God Speaks through Prophets- Match the scripture to the prophet to find out their names

God Tells His Prophets- Mobile

Listen to a Prophet's Voice- Slider boxes

The Prophet Speaks for Heavenly Father- Mobile

Truth Revealed- Follow the clues to figure out the answers (older classes)

Words of the Prophet- Decode the message (older classes)

Heed the Prophets- Follow What They Say- Frame a picture of President Monson

Come, Listen to a Prophet's Voice- Mormonad

The Living Christ- Testimony of the Apostles

Thomas S. Monson- Short biography and picture of President Thomas S. Monson

Coloring Pages

God's Prophets and Apostles Speak to Us in General Conference

I Will Follow the Prophet

Prophets Speak for Heavenly Father

Prophets Teach Me How to Strengthen My Family

Obedience Brings Blessings