Lesson 20: Joseph Smith Translates the Bible and Other Scriptures


The purpose in teaching  Lesson 20: Joseph Smith Translates the Bible and Other Scriptures is to  help the children understand Joseph Smith's role in bringing forth the scriptures and to encourage them to study the scriptures.

Teaching Thoughts

The following are links to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated. 


The Holy Bible (about 1 1/2 minutes)- Quick overview of what is in the Bible

A Book of Mormon Story (about 5 minutes)- The story of a Bishop in London and what the Book of Mormon means to him.


My Primary 5 Lesson 18 handout packet includes

  • Posters to go with Enrichment Activity 1- Use them to make a cardboard box TV or Roller Box.
  • Quiz to go with Enrichment Activity 4

Activity Ideas

Article of Faith 8- Descriptions of the four books of scripture and a coloring game.

Bringing the Scriptures to Life- Suggestions to liken the scriptures to ourselves. You could easily make this into a scripture chase game, or try hiding the different scenarios throughout the room.

Listen For His Voice- Connect the dot activity to reveal a picture of a child reading his scriptures

Magic Scripture Square- Solve the clues in a box to see the magic scripture square.

Scripture Cards- Pictures and scriptures you can give to your class to compile scriptures they can read in different situations when they need comfort.

Scripture Hero Search- Look up scriptures to solve clues about Book of Mormon prophets.

Sharing Time: The Scriptures- Color and cut out flowers as you read the scriptures to make a bouquet. This also includes several activity ideas centered around the scriptures.

Sharing Time: On the Right Path- Look up scriptures that serve as "road signs" to keep us on the path.

Sharing Time: Read the Scriptures Daily- Color part of a picture each day you read the scriptures.

Sharing Time: Search the Scriptures- Make a book mark to use as you study the scriptures.

Sharing Time: The Words of Christ- Help Scripture-Study Sam know what to do in different situations with help from the scriptures.

Studying the Scriptures- Solve the code to find what you can do to learn more from the scriptures.

Ways to Study the Scriptures- Illustrations that show how to study the scriptures and then color the pictures.

Coloring Pages

The Scriptures are the Word of God

The Scriptures Teach me about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and how to Return to Them

Ways to Study the Scriptures