Lesson 23: The Prophet Receives a Vision of the Three Degrees of Glory


As you teach Primary 5 Lesson 23: The Prophet Receives a Vision of the Three Degrees of Glory remember the purpose is to gain a better understanding of the three degrees of glory and a stronger desire to return to Heavenly Father with our families. 

Teaching Thoughts

The following links are to LDS.org resources unless otherwise stated.

Teacher Study

"Eternal Families" by President Henry B. Eyring

"The Way to Perfection" by Elder Royden G. Derrick


The Three Kingdoms of Heaven (about 4 minutes)- Illustrated scripture video about the three degrees of glory.


"I Know My Father Lives"- Children's Songbook pg. 5

"I Lived in Heaven"- Children's Songbook pg. 4

"I am a Child of God"- Children's Songbook pg. 2

"Families Can Be Together Forever"- Children's Songbook pg. 188

"I Will Follow God's Plan"- Children's Songbook pg. 164


My Primary 5 Lesson 23 Handout Packet includes

  • Sun puzzle to go with Enrichment Activity 1- I didn't put lines on the sun so you could cut it apart at the appropriate difficulty level for your class (you can get creative with spirals).
  • Wordstrips to go with Enrichment Activity 2.
  • Fill in the blanks for D&C 76:22-23 to help memorize it as mentioned in Enrichment Activity 4.

Activity Ideas

The Greatest Gifts- A two-side puzzle with a picture of the temple on one side and several illustrated pictures on the other side that show pictures of the Plan of Salvation.

Heavenly Father has a Plan for His Children- Follow the steps that lead back to Heavenly Father by matching scriptures to each of the steps.

Heavenly Father Prepared a Way for Me to Return to Him- Make a poster of our path back to Heavenly Father with illustrated pictures.                                                                     

I Know God's Plan- Make a view finder of scenes from the Plan of Salvation.

My Life is a Gift; My Life Has a Plan- Illustrated shapes of the Plan of Salvation you can use to teach or have your class reteach the Plan of Salvation.

The Plan of Happiness- Make a book of the Plan of Salvation

The Plan of Salvation Offers Me Peace- A diagram of the Plan of Salvation with pictures you can glue on to the correct part of the diagram.

The Scriptures Teach of Heavenly Father's Plan- Scriptures about the Plan of Salvation that match illustrated pictures.

Back to Your Heavenly Home- Illustrated pictures of the Plan of Salvation with scripture references that children can put in order.

Your Path to Heavenly Father- A game board where you can play a game leading to Heavenly Father.

I Have a Father in Heaven Who Loves Me- A printable bookmark you can give to your class.

Find It!- A search and find page with a picture of a family having fun together.

Coloring Pages

I am a Child of God and He Has a Plan for Me

I Will Follow Heavenly Father's Plan for Me

I am My Heavenly Father's Child